Mid-Summer Dream Sale – 25% off everything!

Greetings, my dear Purrfumery friends!

The mid-summer sun and the breezes off San Francisco Bay have transformed the Perfumer’s Garden into a blooming paradise. And, where there is a bloom, there is a hummingbird! These very busy little birds are in the garden from sun up to sundown, dashing in for sips of nectar. The Sage and Nicotiana flowers are their favorites these days… I could sit in the garden all day and watch them dance and hover. I have become a little bit like a hummingbird too, with my daily trips to the blackberry bush. It’s been a delicious summer so far!

Mid-Summer Dream Sale – 25% off everything!

The warm weather brings a change in our wardrobe—we’re wearing our florals and pastels, our flowy dresses and sandals. Why not change your perfume, too? Through the end of July only, I’m offering 25% off everything in the Purrfumery—go ahead and try something new! Just type in FLOWERS in the discount box. Need ideas? I love to wear scents with jasmine and roses in summer. One of my favorites is Honey, with its French orange blossom and Moroccan and Bulgarian roses. Jewelry of Heaven is another gorgeous summer scent—I blend this one with Jasmine grandiflorum, Turkish and Himalayan roses, sandalwood, vetiver and vintage patchouli. When I’m looking for something fresh and complex, I go for Eze from the Kittylicious line, with its pop of lemon that opens a bouquet of lavender, rose geranium, myrtle and jasmine. 

Purrfumery scents, body oilscent lockets and beard balms also make unique and thoughtful host gifts if you’re on the road. Don’t miss this summer sale!

Animal Cruelty Policy Watch

I’ve been keeping a close eye on the progress of SB 1249, which would make it illegal for cosmetic manufacturers to knowingly import or sell any cosmetic, including personal hygiene products, in California if the final product or any component of the product was tested on animals after January 1, 2020. I’m thrilled to report that SB 1249 passed the California Senate and the California Assembly Judiciary Committee, and is now awaiting a vote on the Assembly floor. This would be a huge win for animals who have been subjected to poking, prodding and testing that maims or kills them. I recently wrote a letter along with other concerned citizens in support of SB 1249 – these letters will eventually be delivered to Governor Jerry Brown. We’re speaking up for animals and demanding change! I believe it is the right thing to do. 

Purrfumery Staff is Doing Some Amazing Things! 

I want to introduce you to Truffle Bear—the newest member of the Purrfumery workforce! My friend Lisa discovered Truffle Bear by accident—she was trying to trap several cats to spay and neuter them and was pleasantly surprised to find a kitten in the group. She invited me over one afternoon and there he was! I instantly fell in love with this wild little boy! He’s all over the place and inspires all sorts of fun and creativity in the Purrfumery! It’s a breath of fresh air to have a kitten again after all these years.

I also want to give a shout out to Emerald, the talented designer who does all of our graphics in the Purrfumery. I put her to work on my remodel project, and she’s making incredible progress on the mural across my kitchen cabinets. It’s a parade of kitties, birds and butterflies in a garden! Thank you Emerald for bringing your colorful, imaginative touch to our kitchen! We spend so much time there… why not make it beautiful?

If you are looking for someone to paint a signboard, mural, or do some graphic design Emerald is your gal! You can contact her at Emeraldvl@gmail.com .
Come see me at the Purrfumery!

I’m available for private appointments, so give me a call at 510-334-8824 or drop me an email at laurie@purrfumery.com and let’s get together for a cup of tea at the Purrfumery! You can sniff and sample to your heart’s content and find something new and wonderful, or stock up on your favorites.

Until next time. . .

Peace, love, purrfume and kitty cats,

Xoxo, Laurie