For Men, Too Collection

Beard Balms and Colognes

Mr. Whisker’s Beard Balm was inspired by Laurie's husband, Gary. One morning, he asked her if she would whip up something for his beardmen friends who were looking a little scruffy. Laurie stepped into her magical Purrfumery and created a deep, earthy and super-nourishing beard balm for the guys. It just takes a small dab of Mr. Whisker’s Beard Balm to transform a rough and scruffy beard and deeply moisturize the skin.

“Now Gary’s moustache and beard smell like we’re hiking deep in the forest and he’s even more snuggle-able!” Laurie says!

Laurie uses a base of organic carrier oils, cocoa butter, beeswax from her own bees, and essential oils to handcraft these soft, pliant, anti-aging balms. She meticulously crafts all of her scented treasures from natural, organic and botanical essences without synthetics.

Colognes: The choice for men and women who prefer a less floral, more earthy scent, Velvet and Sweet Pea's colognes retain the complexity of a perfume in a less concentrated dose.