I have a few posts about this house and its nose, Laurie Stern, because I simply adore it. The house offers perfumes crafted from some of the finest and rarest natural essences you will ever find anywhere, including some very special antique essences. Her beeswax comes from the hive that she lovingly nurtures in her own garden. Her perfumes are luxurious, complex and soul-soothing. My absolute favorite is her bucolic beauty, Honey. Check out her Signature Collection as well as her adorable Kittylicious Collection! She offers scented lockets, which are charming and make you smell fabulous. -Liz, Ave Parfum Blog, 2017

When the tornado sirens started wailing in the middle of the night, I grabbed my Kindle, my iPod, my Jewelry of Heaven, and my Jasmine Dawn & Dusk! Thank you for making perfumes so good that I literally wouldn't want to live without them! -Tammy S.

“Honey” is a completely erotic masterpiece of blended orange blossom, roses, vetiver, vanilla, honey, beeswax and propolis finished with rare antique clove, pomegranate and pink grapefruit. It is bewitching, a bottled love potion and how you unleash it is up to you. I personally love it when worn in my hair, cleavage and inner thighs. It warms up as you do and becomes sweeter with your heat. It has an energy all its own and I love it because I can wear it during the day, yet it becomes completely captivating at night. It’s one of those fragrances that draws a man towards you like a honeybee to pollen. Quite frankly, my husband didn’t know what hit him but he was delighted to be completely spellbound. The first time that he noticed it, I was going on and on about Laurie and her perfumes and her cats. He took one look at me, nipped my catnip scented wrist and proceeded to kiss me in a way that made my knees weak. Enough said. She truly has the gift. -Beth Schreibman Gehring, Perfume-Smellin’ Things

I am completely overwhelmed! As you know I’ve been lusting after a bottle of your perfume since I first saw them at Columbine some years back – I always hoped to one day afford one or maybe get one as a gift – but never dreamed I’d get TWO! Eeeeeeeee! They’re so utterly gorgeous in every way, truly a luxurious, artful experience I am just delighted beyond description to get to enjoy. I just wanted to drop you a word or two about incredibly beautiful, artful, and glorious in every detail your product and presentation are. You really understand the whole experience and it’s evident how thoroughly captivated you are in your own art. HOW WONDERFUL! Thanks for providing such an inspiring vision and expression of it for the rest of us to enjoy! -Deb H.
There’s a pampering-of-the bride-getting-ready-for-the-big-day feel to the aesthetic, crossed with a hand-made Californian love of bodily and natural pleasures and ingredients, crossed again with a layer of 1890s Gold Rush influence. I think of ladies in the old Westerns in their hand-made white lacy under-things, getting out of their corsets and sinking into the white claw-footed bathtub. Only Laurie Stern's is out in the open, in a back yard garden in San Francisco with a thick layer of rose petals on the water, protecting modesty. -Lucy Raubertas, Indie Perfumes
I thought you’d like to know that I absolutely adore what your whipped frostings are doing for my face – my husband can’t place why I look so much younger than usual, and I have a glow (says he). Even more importantly, I’ve noticed a difference, too. My face feels great and the dry patches on my eyebrows and around my nose have disappeared completely. Even going barefaced is a comfortable public option again! I love the way the frosting melts as soon as I rub it between my fingers and it disappears almost as soon as I smooth it onto my face. Laurie Stern is a magician in my opnion! -Achaessa de G.
Honey is a rich, glistening, golden honey perfume. Laurie Stern, the creator of V&SP, uses the word opulent to describe Honey on her website, and I am in full agreement. It strikes me as a wearable vintage perfume. It speaks with a regal tone, but it’s not going to put anyone off. Quite the contrary. Honey will entice with its luxurious notes of French orange blossom, Moroccan and Bulgarian rose, vetiver, and Madagascar vanilla. Bees are offered the chance to use their charms in three different ways in this fragrance, via honey, beeswax and Laurie’s “bee guru’s” propolis. Not one note in particular stands out on its own in Honey, but rather all are joined together harmoniously and expertly in a floral gourmand with a vintage edge. And the best bit? Laurie is a bee keeper, enabling her to use the honey and beeswax from her hive for use in her Honey perfume and other products. -Trish Vawter, Scent Hive
I purchased the Mojito cologne after you suggested it was the perfect scent to wear on a date. Well, I'm just writing to let you know it worked magic and I'm now in a relationship with a wonderful man whom I've been seeing since shortly after making that purchase. Thanks too for caring enough not to use synthetic ingredients or animal fixatives. I can wear your products with complete integrity knowing that they are also not tested on animals. Are you sure you're not bottling miracles? -Patti
Laurie... I do not know how I will make up my mind which to buy first... can’t decide between Jewelry of Heaven and Songbird... my husband adores the Jasmine Dawn and Dusk... decisions, decisions! Thank you also for the Snow Forest bath salts... they are truly special, and I am going to be a good wife, and prepare a bath for my sweet husband with them.. if you could only have seen his face when he inhaled! LOL! This weekend will be a very nice one, thanks to you! -Tammy
Juicy blood orange is the entree to Songbird, reminiscent of the fruit dripping in its perfectly ripened sweetness. This opening is most succulent and reminds me of Laurie’s Orange Blossom Body Frosting -a decadent treat for the skin and soul- and I hoped Songbird would linger in this familiar scent for the duration. I so enjoyed the floral and gently spicy citrus aroma wafting about me, but sometimes it’s better to not have your wishes come to fruition as what laid before me was much more fullfilling that anything I could have hoped for. -Trish Vawter, Scent Hive
I am wearing Songbird today. I have it in my purse right now. I wore Gardenia yesterday. I think your frangrances are exquisite!! - Michelle
Laurie your products are so amazing that I am addicted to them! And the packaging is gorgeous. I just love opening your boxes because it is like opening up a treasure chest full of exquisite jewels. Thank you for bringing such beauty into the world! - Cathy
I just wanted to let you know that I received Songbird yesterday, and I’ve just now opened the lovely and ornate package. I had used up my sample of Songbird almost as quickly as I had received it several months ago, so it had been a while since I’d sniffed this. Oh, I almost wept it’s so wonderful! And thankfully it’s powerful as well, as I’m probably going to insist on smelling like this every day for the rest of my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This stuff is divine! -Oleander
The body butter is fantastic. I love the way it moisturizes and softens the dry skin on my legs and arms without feeling sticky. It seems to disappear into my skin right away and I already notice softer skin. I don’t worry about it ruining my clothes like I do with most moisturizers. Thank you so much. -Margaret
All your perfumes are all so beautiful in their own way. I think that I have it narrowed down to Songbird, Honey, Terrain, and Narcissus Poeticus (this one reminds me of a lovely green tea that I have... at least on my skin). Honey makes me want winter to be here so I can curl up and read a book. Terrain is just simply wonderful and my husband loves Songbird. What am I going to do? -Ana
Honey is amazing. Diffuses nicely, lasts a long time. I love this perfume. It ends up being very sweet and floral on my skin. Jewelry of Heaven draws me in and makes me want to keep inhaling its heavenly aroma. Wonderful! Songbird is wonderful. I would choose this perfume. I detect cinnamon, vanilla, and orange... almost edible... Yummmmmm.. Laurie Stern is a true perfumer, crafter, and skilled artisan. Her accords are tightly mastered and thrilling to my olfactory organs. Her perfumes are well constructed, last a long time and evolve nicely on my skin. Over the last couple of years, I have smelled dozens of perfume samples from other natural perfumers but none has topped these. -Lyn Ayre, Perfumer and Teacher
I spent hours on your website today, and at the risk of sounding like a complete freak, it did my soul so much good! Everything I adore was right there... flowers, fragrance, Victoriana, the darling pusses, and a certain magic and lushness and opulence I am trying to bring into my own life! Thanks so much for showing me that the life I want is out there waiting for me!! -Tammy
The energy and lovely light-filled fragrances that you craft (as well as your merged aesthetic, poetic, and whimsical sensibilities) have been working on me ever since I ordered samples! This perfume is a New Year gift to myself... thank you for providing me with just the right irresistible item, as I am finicky and hard to buy for, even if it’s just me doing the ordering! Just delving into your website always brings me tranquility and joy, and I feel I’m able to glean something new each time I visit. Can’t wait to see what future creations unfold from the Purrfumery! -Nicole M
Honestly, from the minute I read about civet cats on your web page, it totally changed my attitude about any kind of perfume (and purrfume!). I spread the word about V+SP’s every chance I get along with the civet cat story, since any kind of cruelty to animals is a crime in my mind. On a karmic level, I think you are doing a valuable service to anyone who loves beautiful scent – and animals! I’m a real sucker when it comes to gorgeous packaging, and I love yours. Whoever designed it is wildly talented, and I’ve even kept the envelopes from things you’ve sent me, for my scrapbook. -Victoria
“THANK YOU!!! “There must be someone out there interested in studying the effects of spending an entire year relaxing in a tub sprinkled with Velvet & Sweet Pea’s bath salts,” she purred, slightly delirious from sniffing the bounty she had recently acquired.... -Kyoko
I am in love with your new perfume, Black Cat. It has incredible staying power. It is such a unique and beautiful scent. I didn’t realize you can pop the lid and it is a roll on, perfect size to take in the purse. Your wisdom, intelligence, integrity and beauty are instilled in your perfumes. Those that find you and are fortunate to purchase your products are so very lucky. -Joan Morais, Certified Aromatherapist, Formulator and Teacher
Just received my new frosting and hydrosol – O my! They are de-li-cious! That body frosting is fabulous! I tried it last night. It’s gorgeous and has wonderful ingredients. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! The best part is I’m loving the whole experience – the perfume, the oil and creme – the best part is the joy my sister took in delighting me. Wow. Girl! What gorgeous scents and textures! Thank you, thank you, thank you Laurie for your every sensibility. You truly are bringing something beautiful into the world. -Deb H.
Orange Blossom is another incredibly gorgeous Frosting that Laurie Stern has created for us orange-loving fools. Orange Blossom is a bit of a chameleon. One moment she has me sitting on a comfy couch, ’round the fire at a holiday party… hints of mulled spices in the air. Neroli sometimes has that effect, it can be slightly herbally and aromatic. Then within a moment, Orange Blossom will hasten me away to a beachy holiday that’s all tangeriney and breezy. I love that about Orange Blossom, its dichotomous nature. Of the three Frostings, Orange Blossom has the smoothest vanilla quality. It is luscious. It’s easy to think Creamsicle because of the orange/vanilla duo, but don’t. All of them have a very sophisticated vanillic base that lean gourmand, but never in a foody or cloying manner. Only in a swoon-worthy, I-hope-I-can-always-get my-hands-on-this-stuff kind of way. -Trish Vawter, Scent Hive Natural Beauty Blog