My dear Purrfumery friends,

I am back from my creative journey! I spent my days reading, spending time with family, and exploring. I even got to visit the lemurs at the zoo! I hope you are also enjoying some fun in the sun! We’ve come out of such a dark time, and while we’re still being cautious, I hope you are all savoring the fruits and flowers of summer. 

The Purrfumery is open for appointments – let me know if you’d like to stop by and sniff and sample to your heart’s content! I’ll have an update soon on Pangolin Violet Rose, the perfume I handcrafted for The Red Wedding at Ruschman Gallery in Chicago. Soon, Pangolin Violet Rose will be available on the Purrfumery site. More to come!

XOXO~ Peace, love, social justice, purrfume, and kitty cats...