Perfumer's Garden


A glorious garden planted with all of the senses in mind, the lush Perfumer’s Garden grows right outside Laurie’s perfumery. It’s a scent-maker’s paradise – an enchanted world where Laurie plants, nurtures and ultimately harvests the ingredients for her incredible infused alcohols and flower essences, both of which can be found in every Velvet & Sweet Pea perfume. The Perfumer’s Garden is Laurie’s scented refuge, a piece of the natural world where she finds inspiration and opportunities for meditation. The garden is equally a laboratory, where Laurie experiments with aromatic plants from the traditional to the unexpected and invents some of the unique techniques that make Velvet and Sweet Pea’s perfumes truly remarkable. She and her husband Gary, a retired landscape architect and obsessed gardener, can often be found in the Perfumer’s Garden tending to the plants, trees and the beehives where Laurie draws honey and beeswax for some of her products. The Perfumer’s Garden is in itself a kind of perfume – a blend of scents made by nature and steeped in the sun. The perfumery kitties certainly revel in the richly scented air, and visitors to the garden always remark (while taking long, deep breaths, of course!) on how good the air smells and feels. perfumers-garden-page