Weddings are about creating lasting, beautiful memories, and no sense is more linked to our memories than our sense of smell. Whether the bridal party is relaxing and bonding during a delightful pre-wedding Perfumery Adventure or the bride and her attendants are walking down the aisle wrapped in coordinating romantic scents, the element of fragrance can make a perfect day even more special.

Wedding Party Perfumery Adventure


Perfumery Adventurers will hear fragrant tales, both marvelous and strange, sensual and fascinating, and also learn more about themselves as they discover which exotic scents they are drawn to. (You may surprise yourself!)

As an alternative shower or bridal party activity, the Perfumery Adventure offers an opportunity for the bride and her friends or relatives to relax and celebrate in a totally fun, unique way. Or, as an imaginative, unforgettable gift for the bride and groom, the Perfumery Adventure gives couples a chance to discover an entirely new side of each other as they explore the world of scent.

Wedding Day Scents

Treat yourself to a custom perfume for your wedding day. Or, indulge in one of Velvet & Sweet Pea’s luxurious boutique scents.

Velvet & Sweet Pea’s rich, organic botanical perfumes capture all the glory of nature’s most delicious flowers, leaves and woods, combining them to form something unique and wonderful that over time will unfold like a flower on the wearer. Many of the absolutes Laurie uses are extremely rare – like wines of a certain vintage, these perfumes, made only from the purest natural botanical ingredients, are unique to the time and place each blossom was harvested and are created in limited, numbered editions.

Velvet & Sweet Pea’s luxurious crème and liquid perfumes, made with the most luscious natural and organic ingredients and delightfully packaged in fine French crystal bottles and glorious jeweled boxes, also make exquisite, unique gifts for the bridal party.