Spirit Perfumery Workshop


Spirit Perfumery with Natural Botanical Essences

You can gather your friends for this workshop, with a minimum of 6 students attending the 2 hour workshop or 4 students attending the 4 hour workshop.

Laurie taught herself to create gorgeous, ethereal natural perfumes by following her spirit and intuition. In this course, you will learn the way she did—through exploration.

Laurie starts each 2 or 4-hour course with a short Perfumery Adventure where she unveils a palette of natural materials. You have an opportunity to sniff some of the most exquisite scents in the world—Bulgarian Rose, Omani frankincense, and more—and experience how each one makes you feel. What will you include in your perfume? It’s up to you and your intuition!

Laurie also shares stories from ancient Egypt to the present—you will be delighted and inspired by the history of how perfumes have been developed since antiquity. She also brings you up-to-date on animal testing and the horrors of animal musks, and shares her methods for avoiding materials that harm animals.

Learn the basics with Laurie, including:

  • Creating a structure: How to build your perfume’s top, middle and base notes using natural materials and volatility.
  • Producing your perfume: How to blend your materials with organic alcohols and jojoba oil.
  • Playing it safe: How to work with photosensitive citrus materials.

At the end of the class, you will have your very own perfume that speaks to your spirit! Laurie provides all materials and a journal for your ongoing scent studies.

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