Eau de Parfum

Velvet & Sweet Pea’s Purrfumery has eau de parfum scents – luscious, highly dosed versions of our Signature and Limited Edition perfumes. Each eau de parfum arrives tucked in a velvet pouch adorned with flowers and its own custom Victorian scent card.

Our Collection of Eau de Parfums is available in adorable 4 ml sprays and screw top bottles, and 15 ml sprays! 


I am making every effort to phase out plastic packaging, and that includes sprayer tops. Im excited to announce the new bottle I found for my 4 ml eau de parfums – I will start using them as soon as I run out of the spray bottles. Theyre beautiful and Earth friendly. No more hard-to-recycle sprayers on the 4 ml bottles!

Im happy to refill your bottles when they run low – just let me know what you need.