The Purrfumery


Tucked away in the El Cerrito hills overlooking the San Francisco Bay, the Purrfumery is a special place to relax, enjoy a cup of tea and inhale deeply! Here, artisanal perfumer Laurie Stern leads you with perfumed tales from ancient Egypt to the present and offers you a rare opportunity to smell natural materials from around the globe. This is a treasure trove of scented and aesthetic pleasures – a working perfumery where Laurie has spent the last 22 years tincturing hundreds of flowers, plants, seeds and woods for her natural and botanical masterpieces. It’s a beautiful laboratory – a place where you can learn how perfume is made and how it unfolds on your skin to reveal top, middle and base notes.

There are so many ways to experience the luxury of the Purrfumery... Schedule a Perfumery Adventure or a Custom Perfume Experience, or make an appointment to sample and shop to your heart’s content. Are you ready for a new adventure? Step into a world of wonders – a treasure trove of antique bottles, luxurious fabrics and a collection of magical scents that will transport you around the world… Welcome to the Purrfumery!