Custom Perfume

Custom Perfume

Take your fragrant adventure a step further with a custom formulation for your spirit and body only. Laurie’s Custom Perfume offerings begin with a Perfumery Adventure, where you discover a palette of scents from her array of essence tiers. Ranging from ethereal and beautiful to deep and compelling, Laurie’s collection of scents has the power to unlock your deepest memories and associations.

The Art of Custom Perfumery
Laurie unveils her essence tiers and Treasure Chest based on the Custom Perfume Experience you select. A lover of antique roses, Laurie has named each of her Custom Perfume experiences after some of her favorite varieties. 

The essences your find most pleasurable become the basis of formulations Laurie sends you to sample. Laurie revises your favorite formulation at your request, ages the new scent, and within four to six months, you will receive your very own, utterly transporting liquid and solid perfumes.

If you choose to enjoy your signature scent in liquid form, Laurie will delight you with  French crystal perfume bottles, crafted by Verreries Brosse, a Normandy company that has been making perfume bottles for royalty since the 1850s. These exquisite bottles come in several different sizes and styles and are considered collector’s items by perfume lovers around the world.

You will also receive the supple touch of a crème perfume, and Laurie tucks your scent into a custom-designed jewel box that easily slips into your pocket or handbag.

Creating a New Flower
Laurie hand blends the most exquisite natural materials available to create your signature scent. The flower and plant essences she uses have their own unique terroir, like wine from different parts of the world. Some of the materials she uses will never be available again – the scent they hold is the expression of the soil and growing conditions in a moment in time on earth. 

A natural perfume is a living thing. And like any living thing, we must wait for it to age. Each of the essences that create a natural perfume contain hundreds of molecules that start to break down once Laurie blends them into organic alcohol. With each day, they begin to reattach themselves in the formulation, becoming a new flower – your signature scent! This is why a custom perfume needs 4 months or longer of Laurie’s time and attention – she must work with it, let it mature, and adjust the essences until it is ready for you.

It’s a very special and personal luxury to have your own signature scent. Enjoy the journey…

Shipping prices may vary on delivery of the final perfumes. Shipping overcharges will be refunded back to the customer.