Le Reve d’Or (Dream of Gold)


During your 3-hour Perfumery Adventure, Laurie will enchant you with essences from each of the three tiers. You may select as many as 15 essences from Tiers 2 and 3 and 1 essence from Tier 1 for your custom formulation. Imagine pink lotus, ylang-ylang concrete, honey absolute, blonde tobacco, with top notes of green mandarin and tangerine…

Laurie will send you three formulations to try. Select your favorite and if you want a little more of one essence or another, you may request two revisions. The process of aging your perfume, sampling, and revising it is complete within 4-6 months. Enjoy your finished, signature scent in a 1 oz Brosse crystal flacon, a 1/2 oz flacon, and 2- 1/4 oz additional flacons of your choosing. You will also receive a crème perfume of your signature scent in a deluxe sterling jewel box.

Custom botanical perfumes take time- from the making of many different complex formulations to the aging process- where the individual molecules need time to marry. and age. Naturals only get more beautiful with time. Laurie's perfumes have taken from a few weeks to a year. It’s a deep meditative journey, and she just keeps working until the perfume tells her it’s done! And when you make your final decision, and you receive your perfumes it’s best to wait a month or more to begin wearing your perfume.

Your new treasures arrive indulgently packaged in embellished vintage velvet flowered crystal flacons, including a dupioni silk pouch – it’s a sensual and opulent treat blended just for you!

This custom collection is presented to you in an exquisite vintage Art Deco style mirrored boudoir case.

Le Reve d’Or Custom Perfume Experience: $3,500.

Refill costs vary according to the materials chosen.

Your 50% deposit (non-refundable) due before meeting. Balance is due at time of appointment. Minimum 48 hours cancellation. Not available for discount codes.

The Purrfumery Adventure and Custom Perfumes take place at the Perfumery unless contracted otherwise.

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