La Royale


The ultimate Purrfumery experience, your adventure is set in one of the Bay Area’s fabulous luxury hotels. The afternoon begins with a light lunch – set aside 5 hours for this incredible day that combines rare and epic scents with exquisite luxury surroundings.

Discover scents from each of the tiers, as well as from Laurie’s personal Treasure Chest of rare and antique essences – some of these materials will never be available again. You may select as many as 40 of these exquisite essences for your custom formulation. Imagine having your pick of Laurie’s most extraordinary rose and jasmine distillations, Assam oud, antique sandalwood, rich antique cardamom and cinnamon…

Laurie will send you three formulations to try. Select your favorite and if you want a little more of one essence or another, you may request three revisions. The process of aging your perfume, sampling, and revising it is complete within 4 months.

This Custom Perfume Experience caters to the collector – to the perfume lover who relishes the intricate details of the Brosse French crystal bottle line. You may enjoy your finished, signature scent in three separate Brosse crystal bottles – .25 oz, .50 oz and 1 oz. You will also receive 2 oz in refills. If you are a collector, you may also request three different .25 oz Brosse bottles and a 1 oz refill. With this incredible offering you also receive a crème perfume of your signature scent in four deluxe sterling jewel boxes.

Your new treasures arrive indulgently packaged in bejeweled dupioni silk and velvet pouches, hand-beaded with semi-precious stones by Laurie. At the end of our adventure, Laurie presents you with a deluxe treasure box filled with Velvet & Sweet Pea delights, such as luxurious sandalwood and rose bath salts, rare crème perfumes blended from Persian Rose and antique sandalwood and jasmine, and Laurie’s famous rose scented cookies and jasmine and orange blossom scented dark chocolate truffles.

La Royale Custom Perfume Experience: $20,000

Your 50% deposit (non-refundable) due before meeting. Balance is due at time of appointment. Minimum 48 hours cancellation. Velvet & Sweet Pea’s Purrfumery is available to travel to deliver the La Royale Custom Perfume Experience. Please ask for details.

The Purrfumery Adventure and Custom Perfumes take place at the Perfumery unless contracted otherwise.

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