Honey Organic Natural Perfume


All hail to the queen bee! The sweet partnership between bees and flowers begins with an elaborate dance and results in this treasure of orange blossom, Moroccan and Bulgarian rose and more… Also available as a solid crème perfume and a highly dosed eau de parfum.

A regal, opulent composition of French orange blossom, and Moroccan and Bulgarian roses sits on a throne of deep vetiver, Madagascar vanilla, honey, the Purrfumery’s own beeswax, and propolis. It is crowned with rare antique clove, pomegranate and pink grapefruit. This royal blend is set in a rich base of sandalwood and vanilla infused alcohol.

Honey Perfume contains bee products, so it is not strictly botanical.

Honey liquid perfume makes a royal gift, bottled in an elegant Brosse crystal stopper bottle and tucked into an enchanting dupioni silk purse with its own Victorian scent card.

The crème perfume arrives in a custom-designed ruby-red jewel box, tucked into a bejeweled dupioni silk and velvet pouch with its own Victorian scent card. Velvet & Sweet Pea crème perfumes are made with organic golden jojoba oil and organic unrefined honey beeswax.


“Honey” is a completely erotic masterpiece of blended orange blossom, roses, vetiver, vanilla , honey , beeswax and propolis finished with rare antique clove, pomegranate and pink grapefruit. It is bewitching, a bottled love potion and how you unleash it is up to you. I personally love it when worn in my hair, cleavage and inner thighs. It warms up as you do and becomes sweeter with your heat. It has an energy all its own and I love it because I can wear it during the day, yet it becomes completely captivating at night. It’s one of those fragrances that draws a man towards you like a honeybee to pollen. Quite frankly, my husband didn’t know what hit him but he was delighted to be completely spellbound. The first time that he noticed it, I was going on and on about Laurie and her perfumes and her cats. He took one look at me, nipped my catnip scented wrist and proceeded to kiss me in a way that made my knees weak. Enough said. She truly has the gift.

-Beth Schreibman Gehring, Perfume-Smellin’Things

Honey Story

In 2008, I created a honey perfume based on the flowers that bees naturally gather their nectar from, along with tinctures I made with propolis and wax from the behives in my garden. One summer, a swarm of bees arrived in our garden. Awed, I called a local beekeeper to remove the swarm.  He explained the bee swarm to me instead. I learned that swarming is the way bees multiply. Half of an old hive travels with a newly made queen in search of an ideal environment for a new hive.   I felt honored that the bees had chosen my garden for their new home and I knew wanted them to stay.  I asked the beekeeper if he would teach me more about bees and help me build hives for them.  He did - and the bees have stayed! I am continually in awe of the bees who grace my garden.  To me, they are an affirmation of the cycles of life and of life's sweetness.  Our first honey harvest produced the most delicious honey I have ever tasted, and this year, 2114, our honey won "Best of the East Bay" at the Berkeley Biodiesal Oasis Harvest Festival! Now, I eat a little honey everyday!

Pomegranate and Honey

I have chosen the essence of this ancient fruit with it's jewel like seeds to crown my honey perfume. There is a pomegranate tree just behind the beehive in my Perfumer's Garden. I have come to associate the queen bee with the pomegranate that wears its own little crown. Depictions of the Ancient Greek goddess Hera, show her wearing a pomegranate crown rather than a wreath or a tiara. Pomegranates are also central to the Greek myth of Persephone who went deep into the underworld for the darkest six months of the year. This dark time helped her discover her own hidden wisdom. She emerged in spring with her new found gifts of transformation, freedom, and rebirth. Combining floral and honey essences along with essences that are deeper and darker is how Honey Perfume came to be. I had an anguishing loss in the year that I created Honey perfume, and when I emerged from the darkness, Honey helped me celebrate the sweetness of life!


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