Bed of Roses Organic Natural Perfume


Be warned – Bed of Roses is not a light and easy summer rose perfume. This is a velvety rose cut in winter – a scent to heat up a frosty night…

A bed of a thousand roses blooms in this gorgeously voluptuous bouquet. Reclining on an accord of nine exceptional rose distillations from all corners of the globe, cushioned by deep aged sandalwood and rich cognac with accents of tuberose, boronia, orange blossom, and green mandarin, Bed of Roses is crowned by a canopy of precious rose leaf absolute, a rare and incomparable material from the history of perfume, seldom made today.

Laurie nestles each 8 and 15 ml Brosse crystal flacon of Bed of Roses in an opulent silk pouch she designed. For her 30 ml bottles, she has adorned silk velvet pouches with semi-precious jewel beadwork.

We dedicate Bed of Roses to Raphaella Barkley, an avid rose perfume lover and founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Perfume

What is an accord?

An accord is a blend, a combination of distinct notes that create a harmonious new scent. To create Bed of Roses, Laurie started with rare and exquisite materials that included Rose de Mai from Grasse, France; Indian roses from the Himalayas; and Damask Rose Otto from the Valley of the Roses in Bulgaria. She also added Persian and Moroccan roses and an incredible Rose Alba extraction from Bulgaria.

Bed of Roses is more than a perfume – it is a work of art you will treasure.

Review~ Rockstar Rose

If you would like romance to be bottled, and I believe it has been, then Bed of Roses is the scent for you.

It is a rich sumptuous floral bouquet of great depth drying down to a delicious honeyed sandalwood base for a sated nose. The nuances of Bed of Roses include orange flowers and mandarin for a fruity nostalgic twist and cognac for a heady top. The boronia softens and fills the floral bouquet and checks the citrus from overpowering the flowers. The most surprising note is the rose leaf absolute which stops short of being an overtly green note but nevertheless canopies the fragrance with a gentle hint of vegetal unusual in a rose perfume.

Bed of roses is no Granny Perfume. It is sexy, timeless, ageless and universal. It is a rock song, a classical piano, an aria. Bon Jovi expresses well the rock side of Bed of Roses with their song of the same name.

Monica Miller, CaFleurBon perfume blog

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