Just One Thing, Monica Miller 2020


Just One Thing

If you could save just one thing

To honor and to cherish

To gaze at and adore

What would it be?

What skips your heart?

What, in the eye of the beholder, you, is the most ataahua (beautiful)?

A red headed California Surfer, my sister loves to Save The Waves

How those moody sea green reflectors tell you how much she loves the Ocean!

Crinkled by Aurora kisses, a lover of sun, sea and wind she scans the salty blue “how’s the surf?”

Her green eyes sparkle and her heart runs down to the ocean, surf board in hands…

Allow yourself to be touched by it

Your Just One Thing

As Amie loves the sea


As Laurie loves the Luminous Lemurs

Never lose sight of your goal

To love, cherish, protect it

As soon as you know (as I’m sure you do)

Your Just One Thing

Think of it and anoint yourself with this perfume

Of heavy scented

Madagascar Ylang Ylang and Sun fermented Vanilla

Antique Clove

Vintage Sandalwood,


Nutmeg and more..

A perfume created heart in hands by a woman

who knows what is her

One Thing

By wearing it you will understand

The exquisite beauty of the blue

Luminous lemurs round orb eyes

Glowing from the forest

Deeply mysterious

Only on this one Island

Only in this one spot

Earth’s most endangered group of mammals,

Precious and rare

But this perfume isn’t sad

It is pretty, it is joyful, round and serene

Truly luminous, uplifting and delicious

The liquid version is brighter, more sparkling

The solid version is softer, more clinging and silky furry

Perfectly blended Ylang with a dry down blanket of vanilla

This perfume reminds you to love with all your heart

Your Just One Thing

To never lose sight of your goal

To care for an adore

To hold your beloved in your vision

To remember that to love is the only eternal emotion

To fill you’re your soul self with it, to cry with it, to laugh with it, to fear losing it, to fight for it, to long for it, to dream it, to keep it in your mantra

To listen for it in the sound of Anahata Nada (the all that is)