Wonderful news about Pangolin Violette Rose and Luminous Lemurs!

Pangolin Violette Rose won Top 10 fragrances of 2021 by CaFleureBon's Ida Meister!

Interview in Fragrantica, the story of Pangolin Violette Rose, by Matt Morris, with Perfumer Laurie Stern

Luminous Lemurs and the Purrfumery caught the attention of some of the top international blogs in 2020, I’m beyond thrilled! 

Matt Morris from Fragrantica gave Luminous Lemurs the 2020 Best Perfume award:

ÇaFleureBon named us the Best Natural Perfume House and Perfumer

Michelyn Camen at CaFleureBon names Luminous Lemurs top 10 Best of Scent 2020 

Michelyn Camen and Ida Meister of CaFleureBon put Luminous Lemurs on their 10 Best lists!

Peace, love, purrfume, pangolins, lemurs and kitties!