Gardenia Whipped Face & Body Frosting


The ultimate moisturizing treat for the skin. Laurie uses an ancient perfumery technique to capture the gardenia’s fragrant oils directly, rather than extracting or distilling them. Her process takes two weeks and uses more than 150 hand-picked gardenias. The result is fragrant and transporting moisturizer that is absolutely luxurious and unlike anything else currently being produced.

Velvet and Sweet Pea’s Frostings are whipped to a decadent, creamy texture, but our all-natural ingredients may lose volume when exposed to high heat. Because of this we will not be shipping frosting during the hottest months, and we recommend that you keep your frostings in the fridge during the hottest part of summer. If you live in an area of the US that is usually above 70 degrees in the winter, we don’t recommend purchasing.

The Frostings are available at the Purrfumery all year, so you can make an appointment and stop by to pick them up!


Laurie Stern has been making hand made luxury creams delicately perfumed with natural fragrances for many years, and indeed she is one of the original figures of the California natural products movement. With all that experience and history, she continues to be a true Romantic, and carefully makes exquisite products for the face and body, perfumed with the products of enfleurage; that labor intensive process that draws out the fragrance of plants and flowers with organic fats and oils of the highest quality. She has an amazing beautifully grown out garden and worked for some years past as a florist herself, and she shows a great discernment in the specific quality of the floral essences in her beauty products.

The texture of the  Gardenia Face and Body Whipped Frosting makes this incredible tiny crackling sound as you spread it on your face as the tiny bits of air trapped in the rich cream are released and mix and effervesce and release the subtle fully natural fragrance within.  I am sure the fresh hand picked gardenia flowers thus reaching your mind will have beneficial qualities quite apart from being beautiful. This is ultra rich and sinks in and re-moisturizes it to the core.  Made of several kinds of precious oils and shea butter, all organic with vitamin E, I would recommend keeping it in the fridge between uses.  She also offers the Organic Gardenia Enfleurage separately. 

Lucy Raubertas, Indieperfumes blog

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