Valentine’s Day Sale – 15% off all Purrfumery products!

Greetingss, dear Purrfumery friends,

Happy New Year! The kitties and I ushered in the new year with a toast to hope, health, happiness, and service. With your help, we’ve been able to help our friends in Madagascar with my newest scent, Luminous Lemurs. The Purrfumery has donated more than $2,000 so far to help Centre ValBio, led by Dr. Patricia Wright, who is working to save Madagascar lemurs. Thank you all!

I heard from Dr. Wright recently and here are some of the things Centre ValBio is doing to help Madagascar communities and lemurs:

Vanilla! This precious orchid has been overharvested in Madagascar. Centre ValBio is replanting what has been overharvested and planting new vanilla orchids. Vanilla is a valuable crop in Madagascar that helps to sustain their local communities. 

More trees! Centre ValBio staff is planting trees that are indigenous to Madagascar! Lemurs need these trees if they are going to survive and thrive in their native land.

I want to share Dr. Wright’s book with you too! It’s called “For the Love of Lemurs: My Life in the Wilds of Madagascar,” and it’s excellent! Dr. Wright is not only helping to keep lemurs alive in their native habitat, she is also researching the lineage of lemur species and which species have been extinct. If you like conservation stories that read like adventure novels, you will love this book!

Valentine’s Day Sale – 15% off all Purrfumery products!

A luscious new scent is a Valentine to remember – and I will wrap it beautifully just for your beloved! Try something new! My Valentine to you is 15% off everything on the site until Febuary 1st. Type Emmylou in the discount box.

Need ideas? Call me! Here are a few off the top of my head:

TerrainI made this for a guy (my husband, Gary) who is not a “perfume guy.” Men and women will love this blend of Mexican lime with wild Bulgarian geranium, Japanese yuzu, frankincense and rare sandalwoods, including my 20 year old Tamil Nadu from India.

Luminous Lemurs Gift Set: This luxurious gift set combines Luminous Lemurs Perfume, Bath Salts, and Frosting. More help for Madagascar lemurs!

Bed of Roses: This is the ultimate rose perfume, blended from an accord of nine incredible roses. I cushioned Bed of Roses with aged Tamil Nadu sandalwood, dark chocolate and rich cognac, and you’ll also find accents of tuberose, Boronia, orange blossom and green mandarin here too. 

Kittylicious Eau de ParfumBlack Cat, Mojito, Jasmine Orange Blossom, Rose Jasmine, Eze and Rose Ensens! These are among my most popular scents for adults and teens too. Kittylicious scents arrive in a roll-on bottle, tucked into a luxurious gold box with their own scent card.

A Purrfumery Bon Bon for You

My Purrfumery friends inspire me every day. A few months ago, I started blending small batches of scented treats with you all in mind – I call them Purrfumery Bon Bons! Many of you have told me how much you love getting a free treat with your purchases, so I am going to make some more and tuck them in with your orders for as long as they are available. We all need an aromatherapeutic, Purrfumery bon bon now and again!

Give that Lemur a Medal!

My year ended with some wonderful news! Luminous Lemurs and the Purrfumery caught the attention by some of the top international blogs last year. I’m beyond thrilled! 

  1. Matt Morris from Fragrantica gave Luminous Lemurs the 2020 Best Perfume award!
  2. ÇaFleureBon named us the Best Natural Perfume House and Perfumer!
  3. Michelyn Camen and Ida Meister of CaFleureBon put Luminous Lemurs on their 10 Best lists! Check out Michelyn Camen's list here and Ida Meister's list here.

Thank you to everyone who has tried my perfumes and shared them with your readers, friends, and loved ones!

If you need something beautiful to lift your spirits, let me know – I’m here for phone calls or Facetime appointments. Call me at 510-334-8824 or

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!

Peace, love, purrfume, social justice, lemurs, and kitty cats,


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