Happy Spring - 20% Off Everything From the Purrfumery!

Greetings, my dear Purrfumery friends!

Spring feels very special this year – it’s incredible to see the beauty that’s all around after such a challenging era in our lives. The Perfumer’s Garden is more spectacular by the day. Every morning I see something new that’s ready to bloom and share its signature with the world. Nature reminds me that I will spend a lifetime exploring, changing and growing.

Flash Sale – 20% off everything until April 28
2021 has been an incredible year at the Purrfumery, and it’s only April! I looked around the other day and realized, wow! I need to inventory and restock the shelves and take the feather duster to the kitty tiaras! So, the Purrfumery will be closed for May. I’m offering 20% off everything – this is the perfect time to stock up on something you love, or try something new. Please type Pangolin in the discount box.

All orders must be in by April 28. I will resume shipping in early June.

Shop Early for Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 9! Take advantage of the Flash Sale to shop early for Mom, or for the mothers in your life. All of our gifts are elaborately packaged, one-by-one. We can ship to you, or directly to your loved ones. 

Here are a few favorites to give you some ideas for Mom:

Luminous Lemurs: Quickly becoming a Purrfumery favorite! This is a beautiful, juicy, and complex scent I mixed using Madagascar ylang ylang and my 20-year-old Madagascar vanilla. A generous portion of the proceeds goes to Centre ValBio to help Dr. Patricia Wright continue her conservation work in Madagascar. Here’s a story by Eleanor Vincent for Local News Matters that shares the background of this incredible scent.

Kittylicious Eau de ParfumThis line of affordable luxuries has something for everyone. These are among the Purrfumery’s most popular scents: Rose Jasmine, Mojito, Jasmine Orange Blossom, Black Cat, Eze and Rose Jasmine. A Kittylicious Eau de Parfum makes a lovely gift, packaged in a cute roll-top bottle and tucked into a gold foil box with a ribbon. 

Introducing Pangolin Violette Rose, available at The Red Wedding

I’m thrilled to announce my newest perfume, Pangolin Violette Rose! I developed this dreamy, rich perfume for The Red Wedding, an art exhibition that opens in Chicago in May.

The scent
I hand-blended Pangolin Violette Rose with Egyptian violet leaf and Persian rose otto. It opens with candied violets and evolves into a luxurious bouquet of roses dusted with powdery Orris absolute. It’s available in solid and liquid – the solid is more violet than rose. And the liquid is more rose than violet. This is the magic of perfume alchemy and how different materials unfold in solid and liquid form – I love the differences!

This is a scent that stays close to you, inspired by a gentle animal that needs our help.

Pangolins are native to Asia and Africa, and they roll into a tight ball when they feel threatened. The threat is real. Pangolins are among the most illegally trafficked mammals in the world, poached for their scales and meat. Now, they are in danger of extinction. A portion of sales from this perfume will go to the Pangolin Crisis Fund, an organization fighting to reduce demand for pangolins around the world.  

The Red Wedding

Curator Matt Morris describes The Red Wedding as “a gathering of Lipstick Formalists, agony aunts, Aunt Flo, former lovers of mine, faggots, frippery, adolescence reminiscence, beauticians and the beasts that dwell herein, former students of mine, Instagram crushes, analysts, the artists at the center of my twin sibling’s dissertation, the artists who produce the podcasts I listen to, the artists who produce the perfumes I wear.” 

During the development of Pangolin Violette Rose, I found myself thinking of my sister Gail, a museum curator who more than 40 years ago created forums for the world to experience immigrant artists, women artists, and African American artists. Gail curated exhibitions that confronted racism and negative stereotypes over the past 100 years in advertising. She looked at how dangerous these messages were throughout history. 

At that time, shows like hers bucked museum conventions – I always admired her for starting those artistic conversations! And now here I am – a part of a show that celebrates and explores gender and shares the voices of underrepresented artists from around the world. It has been an incredible honor to be involved!

Emerald, Velvet & Sweet Pea’s graphic designer has designed a fabulous fan for the exhibit, which will be sprayed with Pangolin Violette Rose perfume for visitors to experience!

Where to buy Pangolin Violette Rose

I created Pangolin Violette Rose for The Red Wedding, and it will be on sale at the gallery for the run of the show, which ends in July. This is a limited-edition perfume, so if you’d like to experience it, don’t wait! I plan to sell Pangolin Violette Rose on Purrfumery.com after July… but I can’t guarantee availability. You can find more info here.

Or, contact Eric here

If you have questions or need gift ideas, let me know! You can call me at 510-334-8824 or laurie@purrfumery.com

Enjoy these beautiful spring days!

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