Big Summer Sale & Salutations from The Purrfumery!

Greetings, dear Purrfumery friends!

Cool summer breezes await you at the Purrfumery, so let’s get together! I have all kinds of summer treats for every occasion you might be planning, from the fanciest formal wedding to the most easy-going day in your backyard hammock.

Big Summer Sale!

Is there something at the Purrfumery that you’ve had your eye on? Would a big summer sale help? From today until August 26th all Purrfumery products are 20% off—it’s my way of saying Happy Summer, my dear Purrfumery friends! Just type JASMINE in the discount box.

Wedding Bell Bliss

I was a wedding florist for 15 years, so I have a soft spot for decorative, fanciful designs that celebrate our most memorable moments. With their colorful bows and blooms, corsages make us feel festive and beautiful. And who doesn’t like to feel festive and beautiful? My newest perfumes—Moonlight, Mystère Dévoilé and Flame Brocade—come with lovely little corsages you can wear, made from antique ribbons, flowers and magical whatnots. Visit me at the Purrfumery and select your favorite scent and corsage design! These limited edition scents and corsages also make gorgeous gifts for brides, bridesmaids and for the Mother of the Bride, too! You can also purchase them for less in a little pouch. If you are ordering online, you can specify corsage color ranges, from green/blue, to pink/purple, to burgundy/red.

Vintage Packaging That You Can Wear

Do you ever see packaging that is so sweet and retro that you want to take it off the box and pin it to your blouse, or wrap it like a ring around your finger? Me too! I have adorned the packaging for all my new perfumes—Moonlight, Flame Brocade and Mystère Dévoilé—with art that you can wear. I make each corsage and ring with my collection of antique ribbons, flowers, and magical whatnots! These handmade decorations harken back to the days when perfume was a gift from the inside out—everything from the bottle to the packaging was cherished long after the perfume was gone. 

My new Corsage Perfumes are available in delightful Starlight boxes with whimsical corsage rings or pins, and opulent sterling silver jewel boxes with pin-on or wrist hand-tied corsages. These are perfect gifts for collectors looking for one-of-a-kind gifts that will never be available again. Adorn yourself in more ways than one! Please note when purchasing if you want a ring or pin-on corsage.

A Treat for Your Host or Hostess

Are you looking for something special for a friend or hostess on one of your summer stops? Rich, botanical solid perfumes make sumptuous gifts, and I have many scents for you to choose from. I spin my solid perfumes into a variety of containers, from cute compacts to glimmering, jewel-top boxes. They arrive at your doorstep ready to hit the road in velvet pouches with a rhinestone buckle. You will love giving these beautiful and unforgettable gifts! 

Moonlight, Mystère Dévoilé and Flame Brocade solids are packaged in ornate gold boxes with a vintage corsage. They are also available in a velvet pouch.

Looking for a Summer Scent?

If you’re like me, you like to change your perfume with the seasons. I createdEze with summer in my mind and heart. Eze is a tiny perfume village high in the mountains overlooking the Mediterranean. I went there over 40 years ago—at that time I was traveling around the south of France, searching for lace for my antique camisole business. I stopped in Grasse and Eze, two perfume capitals of the world, because I loved perfume... I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would become a perfumer many years later! My namesake eau de parfum captures the enchantment of Eze and the delicious luxury of a summer breeze off the Mediterranean. It opens with a fresh pop of lemon and unveils a gentle bouquet of lavender, rose geranium, myrtle and jasmine, finishing with the healing warmth of Labdanum rock rose. 

Ida Meister from Fragrantica reviewed Eze when I launched it in 2016 and she commented on its easy-going vibe. “If someone would offer me a hammock slung between two olive trees, that would be the ticket.” 

Enjoy your summer, my dear Purrfumery friends!

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