April Showers bring May Flowers! !5% off until April 25th!

Greetings, my dear Purrfumery friends!

The Perfumer’s Garden has gone wild! Talk about a Super Bloom! The irises, tulips, freesia and jasmine are fluttering their petals in the wind and sharing their glorious scent with the world. The 30-foot wall of jasmine along our driveway is in full celebration and I swear to goodness their scent has the power to transform my state of mind. This spring, let’s all rejoice in the uplifting and soul-healing gift of scent!

Inspired by my driveway
Our wall of jasmine not only transforms my state of mind, it also inspires me. Years ago, my cousin stood there surrounded by jasmine, inhaling deeply, and she said, “Oh my god Laurie, you need to make a perfume and call it Driveway!” Mystère Dévoilé is that perfume. “A mystery unveiled.” It’s lush and floral, and unfurls generous notes of Indian jasmine, Italian blood orange and Lisbon lemon before finding its heart in hints of fruity Chinese osmanthus and orris butter. It’s a perfect springtime perfume, and it’s a solid, so very easy to carry in your purse or pocket.

Spring Fling 15% off of your order! Mother’s Day is May 12
From now until April 25th, I will be offering 15% off on your orders! Type in LILAC in the discount box.

This is the perfect time to shop for the mothers in your life and the people who share their love the way only moms can.

Order now, my dear Purrfumery friends! I will be taking a break from shipping from May 1-23 to tend to a creative project that needs my full attention.

Vintage Packaging… that You Can Wear!
Do you ever see packaging that is so sweet and retro that you want to take it off the box and pin it to your blouse, or wrap it like a ring around your finger? Me too! I have adorned the packaging for all my new perfumes—Moonlight, Flame Brocade and Mystère Dévoilé—with art that you can wear. I make each corsage and ring with my collection of antique ribbons, flowers, and magical whatnots! These handmade decorations harken back to the days when perfume was a gift from the inside out—everything from the bottle to the packaging was cherished long after the perfume was gone.

My new Corsage Perfumes are available in delightful Starlight boxes with whimsical corsage rings or pins, and opulent sterling silver jewel boxes with pin-on or wrist hand-tied corsages. These are perfect gifts for collectors looking for one-of-a-kind gifts that will never be available again. Adorn yourself in more ways than one! Please note when purchasing if you want a ring or pin-on corsage.

Request for Spirit Perfumer Classes
I’ve had a few Purrfumery friends ask me about my Spirit Perfume class and when I might be teaching it again. I’m thinking of doing something at the Purrfumery in June—this would likely be a 4-hour class and we’d take a break for lunch in the Perfumer’s Garden. We’d be making our own Spirit Perfumes in liquid form, conjuring the scents that speak to us most from my collection of rare and exquisite natural materials. I’m thinking maybe we could do a Phase 2 later in the fall where we’d create a solid perfume using concretes and unique materials that, once they’re gone, will never be available again. What do you think, my dear Purrfumery friends? What dates could work for you in June for a Spirit Perfumery class? And how many of you would be interested in continuing with a solid perfume class later in the year? Send me some dates, and stay tuned! 

Visit the Purrfumery
Do you need help selecting the perfect scent for yourself or someone you love? Please let me know if you’d like to come over for a cup of tea and a shopping spree. I’m around and would love to see you. Call me at 510-334-8824 or email laurie@purrfumery.com.

Thank you all, my dear Purrfumery friends!

Until next time,

Peace, love, purrfume and kitty cats