Valentine's Day at the Purrfumery! Free Shipping until February 9th, just type BUNNY in the discount box.

Greetings, my dear Purrfumery friends!

I just returned from Mendocino, where Gary and I took a glorious break. We hiked, we watched whales, and we enjoyed the fresh air. . .  Now we’re home and I’m thrilled to see the Perfumer’s Garden is starting to show signs of spring with irises blooming, milkweed flourishing and birds chirping. It’s time to get ready for my favorite day of the year, a day when we can show our love in the most unabashed ways.

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! Will you Be Mine?

High dose of romance

The Purrfumery is brimming with beautiful, romantic options for you and yours this Valentine’s Day, and I will be offering free shipping until February 9th. Please type in BUNNY in the discount box.

We’ve just unveiled our new line of eau de parfum scents—highly dosed versions of our Signature and Limited Edition perfumes—in the most adorable 4 ml and 15 ml spray bottles! Each eau de parfum arrives tucked in a velvet pouch adorned with flowers and its own custom Victorian scent card.

Our eau de parfum line—and our newly redesigned Kittylicious line—are gorgeous and affordable luxuries that make the perfect gift for you or someone you love. Take a look!  Did you know our Mojito scent has a reputation for making sparks fly?


Maybe you’d like roses this Valentine’s Day? Wrap yourself in Jewelry of Heaven, a true classic that blends organic jasmine grandiflorum and Turkish and Himalayan roses. Or indulge in an accord of nine rose distillations from all corners of the globe with my Bed of Roses perfume or eau de parfum. My Honey scent is glorious in all its forms—solid, liquid perfume and eau de parfum—and makes an incredible gift. The Purrfumery bees work very hard to make the honey and propolis that I add to this regal composition of orange blossom, Moroccan and Bulgarian roses, antique clove and pomegranate.

Go ahead, get carried away! Happy Valentine’s Day, my dear Purrfumery friends!

Did someone say chocolate? 

This just in! TasteTV and the International Chocolate Salon are offering Advance Purchase Tickets through January 31 for the 9th annual San Francisco Chocolate Salon. The event runs from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday, March 15, so mark your calendars! Discounted advanced tickets are available for a few more days. I hope to see you all in San Francisco in March for this deliciously fun event!

Lavender linked to trust


I have witnessed the most incredible, transformative moments during my Perfumery Adventures and Custom Perfume Experiences, where visitors are surprised and delighted by how they feel when they inhale certain scents. I know scent has the power to unlock our hearts and minds, so I was intrigued when I read this story about lavender on Nova Next.  

Researchers have found that subjects who played a trust game in a lavender-scented room exhibited signs of interpersonal trust more readily than those who played in a peppermint-scented room, or in a non-scented room. The study was published in Frontiers Psychology journal.  Very interesting!

Palomacy is pigeon diplomacy!

You all know about my pet rescue pigeons Polka Dot, Pansy, King Lou, and Sprite. Since Polka Dot walked through my cat door three years ago, I have connected with a great group of animal welfare workers at Palomacy. This incredible group of people has made it their mission to rescue and find homes for injured feral and abandoned pigeons and doves and save them from an untimely death. Palomacy is pigeon diplomacy, and they give these lovely, sweet birds a second chance through advocacy and education. They’re based in San Francisco, so check them out!

Palomacy has wonderful, lively fundraisers—I attended one over the holidays and had a blast!

Dinky’s legacy

I want to thank everyone who has reached out to share their condolences about our Dinky. He went to a better place on Christmas Eve after a brief illness. Dinky was Gary’s garden kitty and he spent many hours working in the yard, doing his part. We love him and miss him, but know that he is out of pain now. His sweet image will be forever memorialized on our Terrain packaging. . . He was such an outdoorsy little guy! Love you, Dinky!

Until next time. . .

Peace, love, purrfume and kitty cats,