Newsletter January and February 2014

Greetings, dear Purrfumery friends! Happy New Year! I hope you all had a beautiful holiday season. It’s moving fast – we’re already getting ready for Valentine’s Day! I couldn’t be happier, actually, because I love Valentine’s Day. It’s a day for EVERYONE, not just for lovers, a day where you share your love like confetti – a little here and a little there… I have plenty of delightful treats to share with you, of course!

20% off Crème Perfumes and Scent Charms now until February 9th!

Velvet & Sweet Pea’s crème collection opens a door to the ultimate scent experience – I hand-blend these indulgently smooth solid perfumes from some of the richest natural materials available and package them in bejeweled sterling silver boxes. This is a rare sale, my dear Purrfumery friends! I designed these custom-made treasure boxes when I started the Purrfumery and I don’t know how long I will have them – this is a wonderful opportunity to lavish yourself or someone you love with a truly unique and opulent gift from the heart. All of my crème perfumes arrive in a silky velvet pouch with a rhinestone buckle. Which one will you choose? Please type LOVE in the discount box. jewelry-of-heaven

Fleur de Caramel

I use some of the most exquisite materials in the world to create Fleur de Caramel, including jasmine, tuberose and rare Tamil Nadu sandalwood. Described by one reviewer as “…gorgeous, spellbinding and edible,” this luscious scent opens with tart red mandarin and spicy butterfly lily and unfolds to a scrumptious finish with a secret caramel accord that lingers on the skin. Fleur de Caramel has been showered with blogger accolades – it also won the Bronze Best of Salon Award for Best New Product at the TasteTV Artisan Fragrance Salon a few years ago.


I make my luscious Honey crème perfume using beeswax, honey and propolis from the Purrfumery’s own bees. This is one of our most popular creations – an opulent blend of French orange blossom and Moroccan and Bulgarian roses on a throne of deep vetiver and Madagascar vanilla, crowned with antique clove, pomegranate and pink grapefruit.

Jasmine Dawn and Dusk

If you love the enchanting scent of jasmine, you will adore this gorgeous blend of night-blooming, dawn-blooming and gardenia-like jasmines with sweet bursts of blood orange, mandarin and ruby grapefruit.

Jewelry of Heaven

I pay homage to turn of the century perfumes with this luscious rose-jasmine fond. Organic jasmine grandiflorum and Turkish and Himalayan roses intertwine in this deep, meditative perfume set in a base of vanilla infused organic jojoba oil and the Purrfumery’s own beeswax.


A beautiful and spicy mix of citrus notes and sweet, narcotic flowers, with just a touch of antique cinnamon, tuberose, and rare boronia. Sexy and complex, Songbird gets warm and cozy in a sumptuous base of Tahitian vanilla-infused organic jojoba oil.

Scent Charms


Crafted in brass, our vintage-style Scent Charms hang on velvet cords and make delightful gifts. We fill these gorgeous lockets with your choice of Black Cat or Rose Jasmine solid eau de parfum – delicious scent is just a touch away!

Getaway to the Purrfumery!

If you’re looking for the ultimate escape, schedule a Perfumery Adventure or a Custom Perfume Experience! During your visit to the Purrfumery, we explore scent on a whole new level and experience rare essences from around the world. It’s a wonderful and relaxing time for moms and daughters, girlfriends and couples – I set out a tray of tea, honey and scented goodies and spin tales of perfume lore from ancient times to the present. Go ahead and inhale deeply! Spark your imagination through the power of scent!

Tip: Honey in the Bathtub

honeycard Bees in the Perfumer’s Garden are always very busy and the result is luscious honey that I use in Velvet & Sweet Pea’s perfumes… and in the bathtub! One of my favorite beauty regiments is a honey facial when it’s cold and dry out – it’s so easy and soothing – a special, all-natural treat for my skin. Here’s what you do: Draw a bath, sit back and relax. Take two tablespoons of honey and mix with about 1 tablespoon of hot water from your bath. Pat the honey-water mixture all over your face – it’s going to be drippy and goopy, that’s why I do this in the bathtub! Let it soak in and mix with the steam from your bath for 15 minutes. Rinse. Many of my friends do a honey facial before a night out on the town – it’s an inexpensive way to soften your skin and ease wrinkles. (And, it’s kind of fun to play with honey in the bathtub!)

Let’s Get Together!

You are always welcome to make an appointment, my dear Purrfumery friends! Come by the Purrfumery and try something new. If you visit soon, you’ll get to see the osmanthus bush, originally from the Valley of Osmanthus in China, that’s in bloom right outside the Purrfumery. In the evening, it’s intoxicating! It has tiny delicate flowers that are fruity and gorgeous! I recently made a custom crème perfume with osmanthus and vanilla. It lifts the heart and delights the senses – an inspiring combination! Until next time… Peace, love, perfume, and kitty cats, Laurie