Greetings, dear Purrfumery friends! Free shipping thru Dec 15 – Come see us!

Just a quick note – we’re offering free shipping this week, through December 15. Visit us and shop for incredible perfume, eau de parfum, frostings and home spa treats for all the people on your holiday list! Or, if you’re looking for something more experiential, a Perfumery Adventure is an incredible gift that immerses your senses in aromatic treasures from around the world! Our new website makes it easier for you to peruse and shop – take a peek…

Escape to the Purrfumery!

escape to purrfumery Or, call me for an appointment if you want to escape the holiday frenzy altogether! You can sink into a plush sofa with a cup of tea and my exquisite jasmine and orange blossom chocolate truffles, yummy frankincense & rose Russian tea cookies, and sniff and sample to your heart’s content. I am available all month for appointments – just call or email and we’ll find a time that works for you. And I have a special treat for my Purrfumery visitor’s – a sample of my newest Jasmine Tuberose solid perfume – the perfect scent accessory to tuck into your purse or pocket. It’s rich and smooth and utterly opulent! I also have my refreshing Bulgarian rose and California lavender hydrosols, for $10. each – they offer a spritz of “ahhh” at the beginning or end of a busy day. Hope to see you soon…

Gift-wrapped and Gorgeous

gift wrapped and gorgeous From the packaging, to the bottle, to the perfume inside, everything about our products make them a sumptuous gift to treasure. My aesthetic harkens back to a bygone era, from ancient times to about the 1950s, when a bottle of perfume was a unique gift enveloped in romance and mystery. When you order a gift from the Purrfumery, you can delight in knowing that it will arrive exquisitely packaged and tucked into a fanciful pouch or gift box. Packaging my products is one of my favorite things to do, and I set aside extra time to make everything elaborate and gorgeous! And, I’m proud to say that I use recycled paper and packing peanuts for all my shipments. We are all about sustainability here at the Purrfumery! I hope you enjoy this magical season! If you have time to spare, the Purrfumery awaits! Until next time… Peace, love, perfume, and kitty cats, Laurie

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