January 2013 Newsletter

Greetings Dear Purrfumery Friends!

Brr! It's cold out there! Even so, it's been a beautiful and productive winter. Gary has been cutting back the roses, viburnum, our fig, lemon and lime trees, and of course, the mint, Melissa, and rosemary, which would take over the Perfumer's Garden if we let it! We love the quiet stillness of the world in winter - it's a time to retreat and get cozy with a faux fur and a good book. It's also a time to make beautiful natural materials for my Purrfumery treats!

Subtle and Incredible Enfleurage

When I'm not tending to the Perfumer's Garden, you can find me in the Purrfumery, making enfleurage with our daphne flowers and organic virgin oil de coco crème! It's fruity and spicy and nutty from the coconut oil! These are the moments I savor - the time spent in the Purrfumery blending this and that, and coaxing new scents from the most unexpected materials. It's a meditative and delicious labor of love, and, speaking of love, have you started to feel the energy and excitement in the air? It's almost Valentine's Day! newsletter-27-a

It’s a Tradition! Tempting Valentine’s Day Gifts...

My Valentine's Day traditions go back as far as I can remember - it has always been my favorite holiday! Every year I bake something rich and delicious and share it with my dearest friends and family. This year, I will probably make Linzer tortes, but I might make cupcakes with the cute kitty wrappers my friend Lisa gave me. Can't wait! If you are looking for tempting Valentine's Day gifts for yourself or someone you love, look no further, my dear Purrfumery friends! I have a few ideas for you... My new, award-winning scent, Fleur de Caramel comes in a perfume, eau de parfum and a gorgeous creme perfume, and features tart red mandarin, spicy butterfly lily and a luscious caramel accord infused with rich cognac and night-blooming frangipani. Wrapped like whimsical pieces of candy, Fleur de Caramel parfum and eau de parfum make beautiful, memorable gifts! Or, celebrate the sweetness of life and love with Honey eau de parfum, wrapped like candy and finished with a cute honey bee! Scent Charms also make delightful gifts - Purrfumery friends love these vintage-style lockets that let them take their perfume to go!


Through February 7, you will receive 20% off on all perfumes, eau de parfums, Scent Charms, and all pampering products! Take a steamy, scented Passion Flower bath with your beloved - or luxuriate on your own before the soiree! Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours! Please use the coupon code PURRFUME.

SF Fragrance Salon – Save the Date!

I am thrilled to announce that Velvet & Sweet Pea's Purrfumery will be exhibiting at the 2nd Annual Taste TV Artisan Fragrance Salon on March 24! Save the date and spend the day sampling and sniffing to your heart's content! There are early bird tickets available until January 31st. This year the Artisan Fragrance Salon will be part of the International Chocolate Salon - yum! See you there!

Oh, and Happy New Year!

Even though it's almost the end of January, it isn't too late to wish you all a very happy New Year! Here's to an amazing 2013 full of happiness and health! I get butterflies when I think of what's on the horizon for Velvet & Sweet Pea's Purrfumery. The kitties and I are making some exciting plans that will allow me to work with people in a more intimate way, creating custom perfumes that speak to their heart, body and soul. I will share more details soon, my dear Purrfumery friends! Until next time... Peace, love, purrfume, and kitty cats, ~XOXO, Laurie