October 2012 Newsletter

Greetings Dear Purrfumery Friends!

I’m back from Los Angeles! I went there for the Taste TV Artisan Fragrance Salon and had a great time – it was wonderful to see our LA Purrfumery friends and meet some new people, too. Thanks to everyone who came out to see us! And, huge thanks to my awesome niece Sara, and delightful friends Gwendolyn and Jennifer for helping me! Jennifer paints gorgeous watercolors of Los Angeles landmarks and teaches others how to create their own pieces of art, too! We grew up together and I love her and her art!

The Fruits of Fall

newsletter-25-a This morning, I looked out the window and I can see that fall is finally here and it’s transforming the Perfumer’s Garden with its warm colors. I just love this time of year, and now I have one more reason to look forward to it: QUINCE! Do you like quince fruit, my dear Purrfumery friends? It’s a really odd fruit – you can’t just pick it off the tree and eat it – the outside is tough and the inside is very hard. But oh the aroma! When quince ripens, it is so floral and gorgeous! I keep one by my bed and inhale deeply! You have to cook quince for a really long time to enjoy it, and that’s exactly what my friend Virginia and I did this weekend! Virginia, a wonderful friend of mine from Connecticut, is visiting and found a tree that was heavy with quince. She brought over a bunch and we cooked it with sugar, dried it in the oven and made dulce de membrillo, or quince paste. This is a delicious Spanish treat that goes really well with sheep’s cheese, like manchego. Virginia and I have been eating it right out of the pan and getting a sugar high! Quince has a lovely, aromatic flavor, and it turns a gorgeous reddish color when you cook it. I highly recommend it!

More Bewitching Treats

newsletter-25-b The kitties and I have been getting ready for Halloween and stocking the Purrfumery shelves with beguiling Black Cat eau de parfum! Black Cat is one of our best sellers, with its bewitching blend of mouth-watering cocoa, sensuous ylang ylang, juicy blood orange, and a hint of sweet, surprising aniseed myrtle. I use Tahitian vanilla-infused organic jojoba oil to make Black Cat, so the dry down is rich and deep and yummy! Or, if you want an extra special treat in your Halloween pillowcase, indulge in a candy-wrapped bottle of Fleur de Caramel. I created this incredible new scent from a secret caramel accord and a blend of night-blooming frangipani, tuberose, red mandarin and spicy butterfly lily. Reviewers have described Fleur de Caramel as “edible,” and transporting... Writers at New Beauty recently wrote that it “smells good enough to eat.” Thank you, New Beauty! Oh, and my new Honey eau de parfum is wrapped like a fancy piece of candy with a bee on top! Trick or treat, my dear Purrfumery friends! wrapped

Free Shipping through November 15

We are kicking off the holiday season a little early this year and offering free shipping on all orders through November 15. It’s my way of saying thank you to each of you! Enjoy!

Custom Perfume – the Ultimate Holiday Gift

I love to have visitors at the Purrfumery, and am currently taking appointments, so if you’d like to schedule a Perfumery Adventure for friends or family, or create a custom perfume for yourself or someone you love this season, now is the time! Visits to the Purrfumery are a delightful way to spend time with the people you love; or celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, bridal showers… any special day! To schedule a Perfumery Adventure, Custom Perfume appointment, or to visit and sample all the Purrfumery has to offer, call me at 510-528-8040 or email laurie@purrfumery.com. Hope to see you soon!

Visit Kensington for ArtFirst!

I am working with ArtFirst! Bay Area, a group of nine local artists who use a variety of media, and I am thrilled to announce that we are having our first show. Through January, you can stop by Marvin Gardens Real Estate at 289 The Arlington in Kensington to see what we’ve been up to. The work ranges from photography and mixed media to floral and glass creations, and will include a perfume shadow box with treats from the Purrfumery. Come out to see the show and support local artists! Until next time... Peace, love, purrfume, and kitty cats, ~XOXO, Laurie