November 2010 Newsletter

Greetings My Dear Purrfumery Friends!

I'm back from New York City, where I spent two days at the Sniffapalooza Fall Ball sniffing and sampling scents to my heart's delight. The trip was wonderful – and it was positively exhilarating to be in New York City for this amazing event, and an incredible honor to present my perfumes at their famous luncheon! Raphaella of Sniffapalooza Magazine introduced me to everyone and took me around to perfume shops in the Village and Manhattan... There was so much to see and do and it was fascinating to be in the mix! I connected with other natural perfumers who are also passionate about helping animals and animal rights, which made me so happy. I also met writers and perfume bloggers who get the word out about what makes natural perfume so different and special. Thank you, Raphaella for including me in this incredible sensory experience! And thank you to Karen Dubin and Karen Adams for creating this extraordinary event!

newsletter-12-aLaurie & Raphaella having a blast at Sniffapalooza in New York!

Free Shipping in November!

I have great news! I will be offering my dear Purrfumery friends FREE SHIPPING with every order (United States only) over $75 during November. And, of course, I will include a special treat with every order, just because!

Recline on a Bed of a Thousand Roses

Here's more exciting news… I also unveiled my new perfume, Bed of Roses, at the Fall Ball and heard rave reviews from bloggers and others who sampled it. Whenever I dab it on, I remember my dear friend Miriam Wilkins, an avid antique rose lover and collector who founded the Heritage Rose Group and show in El Cerrito. Before she passed away, Miriam asked me to create a custom perfume for her, saying she wanted to smell her beloved roses in winter. Miriam's memory and my dear friend Raphaella inspired me to create Bed of Roses. My newest perfume features an accord of nine exceptional rose distillations from all corners of the globe, from Persia to the Himalayas. I cushioned the accord with aged sandalwood, dark chocolate and rich cognac and included accents of tuberose, boronia, orange blossom, and green mandarin. I crowned Bed of Roses with a canopy of precious rose leaf absolute, a rare and incomparable material from the history of perfume, seldom made today. I dedicate this exquisite scent to Raphaella of Sniffapalooza Magazine for her incredible support of me and others in the industry. Raphaella loves roses and extensively researches rose perfumes and tells us all about them in her magazine. I deeply appreciate all you've done! Like all natural perfumes, Bed of Roses must age like a fine wine. I will make this exquisite scent available in a parfum and eau de parfum starting in December. And, I will include a sample of Bed of Roses with all orders made in December. Bed of Roses was the name of my wedding flower business and I love that the tradition of rose bouquets continues at Velvet & Sweet Pea's Purrfumery.

Come See Me at the Purrfumery!

newsletter-12-b As the holidays approach, I'd like to invite you, my dear Purrfumery friends, to visit me at the Purrfumery and enjoy some special treats. The Purrfumery is a very special place – a little jewel box nestled in the hills overlooking San Francisco Bay. When you visit you'll receive a tour of the Purrfumery and learn a bit about the incredible materials I use to make my perfumes. I have a table full of samples, so arrive ready to be surprised and intrigued by the perfumes, frostings, hydrosols, bath salts and other goodies you'll find here. When you visit me, I will include a free Face and Body Frosting with each purchase over $100. Start your holiday shopping early with a visit to the Purrfumery! Call the Purrfumery at 510-528-8040 to make an appointment. I am also scheduling Perfumery Adventures through the end of the year. During the Perfumery Adventure, I take visitors on a journey through the history and origins of perfume and perfume materials and educate them about the sensual, surprising and striking nature of scent. I hold these events for individuals and groups, so please think of me when you have out-of-town guests this season or want to bring your friends together for a unique sensory experience.

The Purrfumery Garden in Fall

If you haven't visited the Purrfumery since spring you'll immediately notice the beautiful change in the garden. Fall is such an exciting time here. The plants and flowers begin to turn inward for the winter but I find a bounty around every corner. The trees are dropping their leaves, creating a bed of color for the kitties to stroll through. The persimmons have turned bright orange – they are gorgeous and almost ready to pick! The pomegranate trees are heavy with fruit; every bough holds a deep, ruby treasure. Our pomegranate tree has always been a source of inspiration to me – I used some of its tart, juicy essence to create my Honey perfume. I was so excited to see a recent review of Honey by perfume blogger Monica Miller of CaFleurBon! Thank you, CaFleurBon! Beth at Perfume-Smellin' Things also surprised me with a delightfully fun and ever-so-spooky Halloween review of my Black Cat eau de parfum from the Kittylicious line! Thank you, Beth! I am hoping to see you all very soon, my dear Purrfumery friends! Enjoy this magical season! Peace, love, purrfume, and kitty cats, ~XOXO, Laurie