September 2009 Newsletter

Hello dear Purrfumery friends!

I’m here to tell you that everything you’ve heard is true. Black cats really do have magic powers. Why just last week I was deep in meditative bliss, mixing yummy, edible essences of cocoa, aniseed myrtle and blood orange when a silky black kitty whispered to me from beyond. She said… Laurie darling, Halloween is near, and it seems so very clear! You must mix a scent that’s delicious – and I’m not being superstitious when I say you’ll name it “Black Cat” so your Purrfumery friends can chat, about the fun and fancy that will float their way when they dab it on before they play. And just like that, she was gone! newsletter-04 Now, just in time for All Hallows Eve, I offer you Black Cat perfume! Beguiling little Black Cat will cast her spell on you with a bewitching blend of mouth-watering cocoa, sensuous ylang ylang, juicy blood orange, and a trick-or-treat hint of sweet, surprising aniseed myrtle. Like fun, sexy, sophisticated candy, this scent stays fascinating all the way to an alluring dry-down of Tahitian vanilla infused organic grape alcohols. It’s my little treat for you at only $35.00. Wear it on that special night and cast your spell! Black Cat makes an enchanting gift, bottled in a cute little roll-top bottle and nestled into a satin pouch adorned with a velvet pansy. Learn more about this enchanting scent on our seasonal offerings page. To order, you can also email me at or call me at 510-528-8040. Read Trish at Scenthive's fabulous new review of Black Cat! Kitties need Halloween trick-or-treats, too, so all Black Cat orders will arrive with Velvet & Sweet Pea’s Catnip Delight Treasure Bag, filled with tiny samplings of organic catnip bud and organic catnip hydrosol!

Kittylicious Eau de Parfum – Affordable Indulgences

Velvet and Sweet Pea are thrilled to introduce our new line of Kittylicious Eau de Parfum! While traditionally Eau de Parfum denotes a less concentrated version of a full-strength perfume, each of these new scents is unique and created specifically to shine as an Eau de Parfum. Sexy, yummy, and playful, Kittylicious scents smell delicious and last an extravagantly long time on your skin. As a “just because” treat for yourself, a teenager’s first bottle of luxury perfume, or a mood-booster to toss in your purse before a night of dancing, our Eau de Parfum is a beautiful and affordable indulgence. I unveiled a few of these new scents, including that frisky little Black Cat, at the Rockridge Out and About festival last week and received rave reviews from shoppers and Purrfumery friends who visited our table. Even in this difficult economy I want each of us to have the chance to indulge a little, to feel pampered, and to smell amazing! Mojito – Who doesn’t adore a mojito and its minty, fizzy kick? When I read a newly released study showing that mint is one of the most powerful aphrodisiac scents, I knew I had to capture the nightlife swagger of a mojito in a form you can wear right on your skin! I combined essences of dark rum, spearmint, and Mexican lime to make a sexy, invigorating scent that is equally mouth-watering on men and women. This tipsy blend is set in a base of Tahitian vanilla infused organic jojoba oil. Mojito makes a sparkling gift, bottled in a convenient roll-top bottle and tucked into a velvet pouch garnished with a velvet mint leaf.

Mojito Cologne 6 ml $55.00

Jasmine Orange Blossom – Wrap yourself in a perfect blend of sweetness and sensuality. If you love my Honey perfume, you will relish this sumptuous blend of French orange blossom and narcotic night-blooming jasmine. Jasmine Orange Blossom makes a lush gift, bottled in a cute little roll-top bottle and tucked into a velvet pouch adorned with a velvet blossom.

Jasmine Orange Blossom Eau de Parfum 6ml $65.00

Rose Jasmine – Timeless and serene, this classic perfume blooms on the skin with gorgeous rose and sultry jasmine to create a scent that is calming and uplifting at the same time. A scent for the heart and spirit, Rose Jasmine is the embodiment of inner beauty. Rose Jasmine makes a lovely gift, bottled in a cute little roll-top bottle and tucked into a velvet pouch adorned with a velvet blossom.

Rose Jasmine Eau de Parfum 6ml $65.00

New! Organic Victorian Hydrosol – An instant pick-me-up that fits perfectly in your car, purse or secret drawer, our limited edition Victorian hydrosol was created using a special co-distillation process. Distillers use a method invented in 10th century Arabia to create many of our favorite hydrosols, distilling a single flower or herb to its very essence. This very special co-distillation blends organic lavender, lemon verbena, and rose geranium together, in a process that mingles their aromatic and chemical components. Our Victorian hydrosol is a cool, soothing treat you will love… while supplies last.

Victorian Hydrosol 2 oz $15.00

Tea and Gifts in the Perfumer’s Garden

December 5 is just around the corner! Mark your calendars for this day of fun! We will lounge in the Perfumer’s Garden among tables of perfume, cologne, bath salts, hydrosols and body frostings, and sip tea and nibble on homemade kitty tea cakes and treats. Imagine! You can relax and meet other natural perfume lovers and get started on your holiday shopping. This will be all kinds of fun so I hope to see you here. I will be in touch again next month but for now, please save the date for a visit to the Perfumer’s Garden.

This is Your Moment!

I love to hear from all my Purrfumery friends, and welcome your requests for private and group appointments. Whether you’re looking for something special or just want to learn more about the Purrfumery, please let me know so we can find a day for you to visit.

Back to Black Cats

Perhaps you’ve heard that black cats are the most frequently euthanized kitties at shelters – some people still associate them with bad luck. This goes back to the Greek myth of Galenthias, who was turned into a black cat and became a priestess at the temple of Hecate, also known as the Mother of Witchcraft. During the 12th and 13th centuries, rumors spread about witches in Europe who had the power to turn themselves into black cats. Later, during the 17th century, witches’ kitties were put into baskets and burned alongside their owners. Awful! Thankfully, there are cultures that believe black cats bring good luck, riches and prosperity. But the harmful myths endure, leading more people to abandon black cats at animal shelters. Please help us reverse this horrible history! Take a moment to honor the magic, mystique and beauty of the black cat. Have a very Happy Halloween!