June 2009 Newsletter

Whipped Frostings

Hello, dear Purrfumery friends! I tried to wait it out. I thought to myself, "When I add them to my web site next month, that’s when I’ll tell them.” But I just can’t wait. I have to tell you about what’s new at Velvet & Sweet Pea’s Purrfumery. First, there’s our new line of Face & Body Whipped Frostings. And, I have a new scent coming out next month but I need you, my dear Purrfumery friends, to help me come up with a name. I’m stumped – that’s why I’ll be sending out samples and holding a Name My New Scent contest this month. More on that later. Let’s start with the frostings, shall we?

newsletter-02-aVelvet & Sweet Pea’s new Face & Body Whipped Frostings have been getting plenty of delightful attention at LA’s Blunda Aromatics and on perfume blogs like Scent Hive. Each batch is a labor of love, made without water and literally whipped into the consistency of creamy soft, whipped frosting. The best way to deeply hydrate your skin is to spray on a hydrosol first and then lock in the moisture with some frosting!

Our Face & Body Frostings will put your skin in shape with organic shea butter, virgin oil de coco crème, organic oils of marula, avocado, red raspberry seed, rose hip seed, sesame, safflower, vitamin E, and essential oils. We even use organic jojoba oil that we infuse with Tahitian vanilla beans for six months. These yummy frostings nourish dry and dehydrated skin, and are rich in antioxidants and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. They’ll be on my web site soon, but you can order now by emailing laurie@purrfumery.com. Or, give me a call at the perfumery at 510-528-8040. The new frostings are also available at Blunda Aromatics, Los Angeles. Shipping is available only to cooler climates (west coast) during the summer months! Now for the frosting flavors, and a little perfume history…

Tuberose Gardenia Face & Body Whipped Frosting

I put “Extra Fancy and Rare” on the label because this frosting contains the most amazing organic gardenia and tuberose enfleurage butters. These butters are extremely rare and incredible, the result of an organic pilot project in Columbia that revives an ancient perfumery technique. Enfleurage is very costly, and is rarely used today. The method used to create enfleurage goes back thousands of years to ancient Egypt. Enfleurage reached its peak in 1860 and made the reputation of Grass, the perfumery capital of France. To create enfleurage, perfumers place tuberose and gardenia petals on organic palm oil for several days to absorb the fragrance. They repeat this several times with fresh flower heads until the oil is rich with fragrance and essential oils. It’s a labor-intensive process, but well worth the effort. You’ll see! Tuberose Gardenia Face & Body Whipped Frosting~ 1 ounce jar ~$25.00

Kashmir Rose Face & Body Whipped Frosting

We make this frosting with our marvelous blend of organic butters and oils and add Himalayan Rose otto and a pinch of Moroccan Rose absolute. Rose soothes the skin and the soul, and works as an anti-inflammatory and cell rejuvenator. Its subtle scent is also a stress reducer and an aphrodisiac! We created this come-hither scent with the neck and décolleté in mind, but users love it for their hands, face… anywhere! Kashmir Rose Face & Body Whipped Frosting~ 1 ounce jar ~$20.00

Orange Blossom Face & Body Whipped Frosting

We love orange blossom for its light, playful fragrance that reminds us of spring days spent in the garden. We make this frosting with a supple blend of butters and essential oils and add Italian Neroli flowers and organic tangerine and orange essence oils. Blending orange blossom flowers with essence oils creates a gorgeous and uplifting moisturizer that heals and regenerates mature skin. Try in on your neck and décolleté – or from head to toe – for a lasting and moisturizing pick-me-up. Orange Blossom Face & Body Whipped Frosting~ 1 ounce jar ~$20.00

Name My New Scent contest!


The first 50 Purrfumery friends to email me receive a free sample! (Don’t forget to send me your mailing address!) When I discovered fir absolute 10 years ago, I fell in love with its rich woodsy scent and decided to use it as a base for a perfume for men and women. Over the years, I have added to it here and there, and the result is a gorgeous fragrance with sweet, raspberry jam juiciness and notes of conifer, silver fir, blue spruce, and juniper. I also added notes of verbena, black current, and a hint of rose for softness. Friends have suggested names, like “Tree of Life,” “You Turn Me On,” and “Purrrr”. I have brainstormed and wordsmithed new names, too, but haven’t settled on anything. Here’s some background gathered from my soul-searching. Perhaps it will spark your fragrance-naming imagination: When I close my eyes and inhale this scent, I sail away to my art school days when I arrived in California for the first time and looked up into the towering canopies and forests of Big Sur. I was overwhelmed by the power and serenity of the forests and trees, and felt I was just a tiny being in the presence of towering giants. These trees inspired me, just as they inspired John Muir when he climbed to the top of a 100-foot tall Douglas Spruce during a windstorm back in the 1890s. Just like Muir, I believed these trees were for us to experience, not just look at or drive by. When I inhale this new scent, I remember the deep, rich aroma of the trees on those long hikes to the hot springs in Big Sur my first summer away from home. I fell in love with the man who would be my husband that summer, in those lush, endless forests. I think of John Muir, and how he wrote about mountain winds sweeping from tree to tree, affecting each one in a different way. I want the name of this new cologne to convey the magic, strength and beauty of the forest, and how powerful and sensual a walk through the forest can be. I’ll send samples of this new scent to the first 75 people who email me a request to participate in the contest. Dab a little on your wrist and ponder this fragrance that means so much to me. Thanks for your help! I can’t wait to see what you come up with! Have a lovely, scentual summer! Read Scent Hive’s review of our Narcissus Poeticus perfume! This is a wonderful new blog primarily dedicated to natural and organic pampering products. Peace, love, & kitty cats, XOXO ~Laurie