Jewelry of Heaven Solid Natural Botanical Perfume


Three varieties of organic jasmine cast their spell in this sumptuous extrait de parfum. Night blooming, dawn blooming and gardenia-like jasmines unfold over time, revealing sweet bursts of blood orange, mandarin and ruby grapefruit, and drying down to Tamil Nadu sandalwood.  Purchased by the perfumer nearly 20 years ago, Tamil Nadu is known for its exquisite warmth and a terroir that will never be available again.    

The solid perfume is packaged in a custom-designed, limited edition sterling silver jewel box and placed in a silk and velvet pouch with a rhinestone buckle.

These boxes are custom-designed with very limited availability. They can be re-filled or re-used once the luscious contents are finished. 

The finishing touch is a Victorian scent card that captures the spirit of a time when even the advertisements were little works of art.

All solid perfumes are made with organic jojoba oil and beeswax from the Purrfumery’s own beehives.


Jewel box solid: $395 – 10 ml

Starlight solid: $75 – 5 ml

The Starlight Box comes in a velvet pouch adorned with delicate violets and leaves from my beautiful antique millinery collection.

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