Fleur de Caramel Organic Natural Perfume


Sink into a sweet, sensual bath of warm caramel infused with rich cognac and sultry night-blooming frangipani. Fleur de Caramel is an award-winning perfume that has been described as “gorgeous, spellbinding and edible…” Also available in eau de parfum.

Laurie used some of the most exquisite materials in the world to create Fleur de Caramel, including jasmine, tuberose and rare Tamil Nadu sandalwood she has held onto for over a decade. This is an indulgent perfume to savor slowly, from its tart red mandarin and spicy butterfly lily opening to the scrumptious finish as Laurie’s secret caramel accord with rich cognac and sultry, night-blooming frangipani lingers on the skin. This gourmand blend is in a base of Tahitian vanilla infused organic grape alcohol.

The perfume, eau de parfum, and crème perfume arrive wrapped like whimsical candy. Fleur de Caramel is a sweet, sensual treat created from some of the most incredible natural materials in the world and is a gorgeous gift for you or someone you love.


Fleur de Caramel inebriates.

Cognac, frangipani, jasmine, tuberose, Tamil Nadu sandalwood, Tahitian vanilla base…red mandarin, spicy butterfly lily—what are you waiting for? I sniff and sniff my hand some more, I have no desire to wash my hand, if I can help it. [It’s a good thing I can forestall bathing for awhile, because there is good longevity to this perfume, and I don’t want to waste the few precious drops I’ve got.]

Floral Generosity is at the heart of Fleur de Caramel.

If summer sang, it might sing this, the song of respite and repose among the blossoms, an ease of spirit and leisurely pace. We cannot all be in Grasse, Firenze, Tunisia, Savannah or Southern California—but when we inhale Fleur de Caramel, we may as well be. ;-)

Indulgently fulsome, languorous and sensual: it feels like dolce far niente to me. Laurie Stern’s work is certified by Leaping Bunny, a coalition of eight animal rights protection groups, which assures that no animal testing is a given. There are absolutely no animal musk or fixatives in her perfumes; she uses organic grape alcohol and jojoba oil in her products as well as beeswax from her own bees.

At the recent Artisan Fragrance Salon in San Francisco, Fleur de Caramel walked off with the Gold Award for Best All-Natural Scent—along with multiple other awards.

Ida Meister, Fragrantica

I’m wearing it right now and it is gorgeous, spellbinding and edible. All of my favorite notes are here in a yummy caramel accord that she’s created of night blooming frangipani and cognac, jasmine, tuberose and a very rare sandalwood that she’s kept for ages just waiting for the right perfume to unleash its magic. Fleur de Caramel opens sweetly on my skin with a kiss of something tropical, but then very quickly melts into a rich, gooey pool of buttery brown sugar, falernum and spiced rum.  This is one of those “heaving cleavage”, very sensual perfumes that my husband loves.

I took it to Castine, Maine on vacation with me and wore it every day. The warm and salty Atlantic air morphed it into a “Fleur de sel Caramel” which got better by the hour. My husband took one sniff and went all Captain Jack Sparrow on me.   Thank you Laurie…

Beth Schreibman Gehring, The Perfume Magazine


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