Mojito Organic Natural Perfume


Spearmint, dark rum and tantalizing Tahitian vanilla… Laurie captures the nightlife swagger of a mojito in this delicious eau de parfum!

Did you know that mint is one of the most powerful aphrodisiac scents? Laurie combines essences of dark rum, spearmint, and Mexican lime to make this sexy, invigorating scent that is equally mouth-watering on men and women. This tipsy blend is set in a base of Tahitian vanilla infused organic jojoba oil.

Mojito makes a sparkling gift, bottled in a convenient roll-top bottle and tucked into a velvet pouch garnished with a velvet mint leaf.

4 ml roll-on in organic jojoba oil

10 ml sustainable refill


I purchased the Mojito cologne after you suggested it was the perfect scent to wear on a date. Well, I'm just writing to let you know it worked magic and I'm now in a relationship with a wonderful man whom I've been seeing since shortly after making that purchase.

Thanks too for caring enough not to use synthetic ingredients or animal fixatives. I can wear your products with complete integrity knowing that they are also not tested on animals.

Are you sure you're not bottling miracles?


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