Vetiver Breeze Organic Beard Balm


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Get centered, spruce up your beard. Go ahead and inhale deeply!

If your beard is rough and scruffy, that usually means your skin is dry, too. Spread some love to your beard and beyond with Mr. Whisker’s Vetiver Breeze, a rich blend of three distinct vetivers. Laurie finished the scent with a co-distillation of vetiver and a tropical flower, giving it a hit of sweet-spiciness. The balm gets its jeweled-green glint from Ruh Khus, a vetiver distilled in copper vats.

Vetiver is a prolific, fragrant grass that is known for its calming effect. In India, artisans weave window blinds from it—the air warms the blinds and carries the glorious, restful scent of vetiver through the space when the wind blows in.

Laurie blends the richest natural essences with the highest quality moisturizers and adds beeswax from her own bees to create a balm that lifts the spirit, softens your beard and nourishes your skin underneath. She drew on years of perfume-making knowledge to craft this sumptuous, anti-aging formulation for guys. Treat yourself . . . and someone else!

Directions: Scoop out a small amount of Mr. Whisker's Beard Balm. Smooth onto your beard and moustache. Use a beard or moustache comb for better results and to send the moisturizing effects to your skin. A little goes a long way!

Ingredients: Organic oils of jojoba, avocado, rose hip seed, organic cocoa butter, beeswax from our own bees, virgin oil de coco crème, essential oils.

Fix your beard and help a beekeeper! Vetiver Breeze Beard Balm comes in a small burlap pouch. Beekeepers burn burlap in their smokers when they go into hives to calm bees and mask the bees' pheromones. You can recycle this pouch by giving it to your local beekeeper!

Laurie’s Feeling Notes: Vetiver has stress-relieving properties, and it is as calming as a breeze.

Always eco-friendly and cruelty free.

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