Signature Perfume Series


Signature Perfume Series

Immerse yourself in the art of perfumery while you create your signature scent. This experiential offering was inspired by Laurie’s customers who like to sit with her while she blends their custom perfume. Take your seat at the bench and inhale deeply!

Signature Perfume Series 

$1295. (consists of 3 Purrfumery visits; you will select 7 essences for your Signature perfume)

Create your own custom perfume at the bench with Laurie, and discover how scent can unlock the mysteries of your heart and soul. This is an artistic adventure. It’s your opportunity to create something beautiful and totally unique to your personality, your life transition, or simply because you love perfume!

This rare and special offering consists of three sessions.

Session 1: Perfumery Adventure
Relax and enjoy a cup of tea in the Purrfumery. Then, you and Laurie embark on a 1 ½ hour Perfumery Adventure where you smell aromatic materials from around the world. During your visit, you and Laurie will draw out the natural essences that surprise and delight you, scents that are both familiar and new to your nose. Get ready to be completely entertained by your sense of smell!

Session 2: Formulation
You and Laurie gather seven of your favorite essences that will create the top, middle and base notes of your Signature perfume. You will also select the style and strength of your formulation. Choose one of these beautiful options:

8 ml perfume strength crystal flacon
15 ml eau de parfum spray
10 ml crème perfume in vintage style compact. Jewel box extra cost.

If you have trouble deciding which option to choose, Laurie can help based on how you like to enjoy your perfumes.

Then, you and Laurie work together at the Purrfumery bench, immersing yourselves in the alchemy of scent as you blend. Witnessing the way natural materials mingle and complement each other has captivated perfumers since ancient times! Set aside 2 ½ hours for this visit.

Session 3: Final Formulation
You and Laurie make final adjustments to your custom perfume. This is a 1 ½ hour visit.

If you’re visiting from out of town, or have limited time in the Bay Area, Laurie can lengthen your first appointment and make adjustments via mail.

Awaken your senses and step into a completely different world!

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