RARE! Lilac Enfleurage Whipped Face & Body Frosting. Limited supply.


Sold Out

New Lilac Enfleurage Frosting:

Subtle and sublime and light as a cloud! I sourced this rare lilac enfleurage from the only person I know of in the world who makes it. The Purrfumery’s Lilac Enfleurage Frosting is made with fresh, true lilac pomade and absolute. It’s a true lilac scent that is costly to produce and extremely rare for natural perfumery!  The scent is very soft—perfect for those of us who prefer a light scent when we moisturize. I have a very limited supply—don’t wait to order.

Velvet and Sweet Pea’s Frostings are whipped to a decadent, creamy texture, but our all-natural ingredients may lose volume when exposed to high heat. Because of this we will not be shipping frosting during the hottest months, and we recommend that you keep your frostings in the fridge during the hottest part of summer. If you live in an area of the US that is usually above 70 degrees in the winter, we don’t recommend purchasing.

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