Pigeon Perfume Lockets for Palomacy Pigeon & Dove Rescue!


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All profits go to San Francisco Bay Area Palomacy Pigeon & Dove Adoptions 

Songbird Perfume Lockets

A luscious, mouth-watering blend of citrus, spices, and sweet, narcotic flowers sensually unfurls towards a soft, powdery finish. Antique cinnamon, blood orange, tuberose, and rare boronia are only a few of the notes in this sexy, complex melody. This ambrosial blend is warmed by its base of Tahitian vanilla infused organic jojoba oil and beeswax from the Purrfumery’s own bees.

Small size is 1/2", on a velvet cord to be worn as a choker.

Medium size is 3/4" on a chain.

Large size is 1 1/4" on a chain.

Chain is 24" long.

Please be delicate when opening and closing them!


This portrait of Kingpin by artist Ashley Dietrich is one in a series of paintings that capture the personality of beloved pigeons and doves. Dietrich is inspired by the portraiture of the old masters and she uses acrylic on canvas to showcase the distinctive characteristics of these birds. Often taken for granted and misunderstood, pigeons and doves are intelligent, adaptive, peaceful companions, and devoted mates and parents. They share a long history with humans as one of the first domesticated animals.

Dietrich shares her studio with ring-necked doves and has a small sanctuary for doves and pigeons. See more of her art at: www.canvasdove.com/

If you love birds, you must visit Ashley's site, her paintings are exquisite, and the Pigeon Portrait Project will delight you to no end, as it did me!

Palomacy Pigeon and Dove Adoptions

Palomacy Pigeon and Dove Adoptions saves domestic (unreleasable) pigeons and doves that would otherwise be euthanized in San Francisco Bay Area shelters. The group provides vet care, foster homes and adoptions for these graceful animals. Started in 2007 by Elizabeth Young, Pigeon Palomacy volunteers have saved more than 600 birds from death.


The story of my pigeons-

A Tale of  four Pigeons

First, meet Polka Dot and Pansy! Theirs is a true love story that began when Polka Dot limped through my cat door a few years ago. Of course, I was thrilled to meet him and knew I wanted him to stay. He was injured, so I took him to WildCare, a wildlife rehabilitation center in San Rafael, where I used to volunteer before I had my Purrfumery. While staff at WildCare nursed him back to health, he met a little roller pigeon in their aviaries and the two hooked up! I decided to bring both birds home, and while they were convalescing, we built them a beautiful redwood aviary on the deck in the sunshine. It is absolutely adorable to watch them out there, kissing and preening each other. Knowing that we have given these two birds – who would either be dead from injury or euthanized – a chance at love and companionship makes me enjoy my home even more! And thanks to Elizabeth, the pigeon rescue expert and founder of Pigeon Palomacy Pigeon and Dove Rescue, for getting me started with all I needed to care for them!

I’ve expanded my rescue mission since Polka Dot walked into my life. After Polka Dot rescued Pansy I decided to adopt Sprite and King Louis from Pigeon Palomacy because I though it would be nice for them to have some flock mates, and there was room for 4 birds in the aviary. The girls spa out during the day in their bath, while the boys hang out on the fake wooden eggs during the day. They switch at night with the males on lookout, and the females nesting on the eggs. You have to switch out the real eggs for the fake ones for pigeon birth control. Just like folks need to spay and neuter their cats and dogs, we need to switch eggs!

Before I got Sprite and King Louis I tried to adopt another pigeon couple but the two couples didn’t get along at all so I had to give them back to Pigeon Palomacy. Polka Dot kept trying to mate with them both and take over their nest, and Pansy kept chasing them. Jill, a pigeon fosterer from Pigeoon Palomacy, took them in and it turned out they were a mated female couple! I guess Polka Dot wanted a harem and Pansy wasn’t having any part of it. And the two new females weren’t into it either! Jill found 4 eggs in their nest one morning, and that explained it! Pigeons always have 2 eggs at a time, which they nest on for a few weeks, so they were lesbian pigeons! I love it! They just needed to be in a larger aviary with lots of other pigeons so that they could do their thing.