New! Highway, Eze, and Rose Encens Samples


New! Our newest perfume samples!


Highway is a limited edition eau de parfum scent, useing a scented language to express my passion for life, love, and the wanderlust that we all feel now and again. It's a winding road of citrus, berries, cedarwood, vanilla, and blue spruce.


I created Eze to be the quintessential scent of the Mediterranean, as soft and relaxing as a summer breeze. Named after a magical perfume village perched along the French Riviera, Eze opens with a refreshing pop of lemon and unveils a gentle bouquet of lavender, rose geranium, myrtle and jasmine. This perfume finishes in the amber, healing warmth of Labdanum rock rose.

Rose Encens

Rose, citrus and resin essences dance in perfect harmony. Sensuous and warm, Rose Ensens opens with a deep, rich scent of rose that mingles with sweet, tart Italian blood orange and Mexican lime top notes. The mystery of sacred Frankincense resin emerges as time passes.

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