NEW! Flame Brocade Natural Organic Solid Perfume


Flame Brocade

Warm, spicy, and exotic, Flame Brocade opens with sensual notes of antique cinnamon and black pepper and evolves into a narcotic blend of sultry frangipani and tuberose. A vanilla sandalwood base mingles with heady floral and spice notes and completes this luscious and unforgettable scent that was years in the making. Very limited availability in liquid and solid – all are parfum strength. 

Liquid perfume - $345 – 8 ml

Jewel box solid in silk rhinestone pouch: $445 – 10 ml

Starlight solid in velvet pouch: $85 – 5 ml

Black pepper, antique cinnamon, blood orange, tuberose, frangipani, oleander, Madagascar vanilla,Omani frankincense, sandalwood

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