NEW! Luminous Lemurs!


Luminous Lemurs!

Did you know that male ring-tail lemurs attract their mates by exuding a fruity floral smell from scent glands from their wrists? 

Inspired by the lush forests of Madagascar and the delightfully sociable lemurs who inhabit them, Luminous Lemurs opens with a rush of blood orange and Madagascar ylang ylang – a double delight of rich, floral fruitiness. The scent evolves over time, revealing spicy, narcotic carnation at its heart and hints of antique nutmeg and clove, drying down to a sublime, soft bed of sandalwood and vanilla.

A generous portion of the proceeds from Luminous Lemurs benefit Centre ValBio, led by Dr. Patricia Wright, who has dedicated her life to working with indigenous communities to reverse the damage done by deforestation in Madagascar, and help save the many species of animals and plants that live and grow there. Purrfumery proceeds will help build tree corridors for lemurs and other wildlife to roam, and help girls from remote villages attend high school. These funds will also help local villagers who work at the center so they can continue their efforts. 

Solid parfum is made in a base of organic jojoba oil, with the Purrfumery's own beeswax. Liquid parfum is made in a base of 10 year old tinctured vanilla bean organic grain and grape alcohol. 

Solid 3 ml and 5 ml Starlight boxes are packaged in purple velvet pouches with lush, luminous leaves.

The sterling silver, opal-esque jewel boxes are stunning are tucked into petite Luminous Lemur boxes.

Eau de parfum is available in 4ml, 15 ml or 30 ml atomizer spray bottles. Eau de parfum bottles are packed in purple velvet pouches with lush, luminous leaves. 

Laurie is also offering a limited edition, 30 ml Brosse crystal flacon. The perfect gift for collectors, it arrives in a one-of-kind, handmade, large Luminous Lemurs box.

Notes: Blood orange, Madagascar ylang ylang essential oil and concrete, Egyptian carnation, antique clove bud, nutmeg & cinnamon, 20 year old sandalwood, 20 year old Madagascar vanilla.

Laurie’s Feeling notes: This perfume holds a special place in my heart because my friend brought me the ylang ylang from Madagascar as a gift. The blend of ylang ylang, vanilla and sandalwood are soothing and calming to my spirit and make me feel happy and relaxed.

*All of the sandalwood and vanilla that I use was purchased nearly 20 years ago. I have not purchased any more since then as these species have become threatened, and in some cases endangered, because of overharvesting according to Red List Project.


The scent of Luminous Lemurs is nothing short of gorgeous. It is voluptuous and alluring with its mingling of clove and ylang ylang, but also familiar and cozy. It’s like something I’ve smelled before, yet it’s also entirely new and unique. Carnation heightens the spicy quality of clove and then vanilla makes it smooth and softly sweet.


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