Le Reve (The Dream)


Your journey starts with a 1½ hour Perfumery Adventure, where you will experience an array of essences from Tiers 2 and 3. You may select as many as seven exquisite essences for your custom formulation. Think of the possibilities! Imagine Omani Frankincense and Himalayan cedar wood, paired with jasmine, black currant bud and pink grapefruit…

Laurie will send you three formulations to try. Select your favorite and if you want a little more of one essence or another, you may request one revision. The process of aging your perfume, sampling, and revising it is complete within 2 months. Enjoy your finished, signature scent in a .25 oz Brosse crystal , or as a luscious crème perfume in a deluxe sterling jewel box. Your new treasure arrives tucked into a bejeweled dupioni silk and velvet pouch.

Le Reve Custom Perfume Experience: $1295.

Your 50% deposit (non-refundable) due before meeting. Balance is due at time of appointment. Minimum 48 hours cancellation.

The Purrfumery Adventure and Custom Perfumes take place at the Perfumery unless contracted otherwise.

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